8 million tonnes

At the current rate, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. That's enough to make anyone pause.

In celebration of  Earth Day (Sunday, April 22nd), we've rounded up initiatives and tips that will help us come together and combat  plastic pollution.
Takeaways from GLOBE 2018

Our "Health of our Oceans" sub-theme explored the role business, government, and civil society can play to protect one of our most precious resources.

Video highlights
Emily Penn, Skipper and Ocean Advocate
Emily reveals her mission to navigate her way towards a plastic-free ocean by connecting scientists and communicators with the largest ecosystem on Earth.
Paul Nicklen, Marine Biologist and Co-Founder of Sea Legacy
Paul captivates delegates with his stories of the changing Arctic ecosystem and the species affected by human-induced climate change.
Sarah Dearman, Sustainable Packaging Program Director, The Coca-Cola Company
Sarah explains The Coca-Cola Company's #WorldWithoutWaste campaign to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells globally by 2030.
Sign the Ocean Wise #BePlasticWise Pledge

Ocean Wise launched the pledge at GLOBE Forum 2018. Sign it today and receive monthly lifestyle challenges to help you reduce single-use plastic. Learn more
sea diver
Taking the temperature of our oceans  

What can be done to improve the health of our oceans? Dune Ives, Executive Director of the Lonely Whale Foundation has advice for businesses. Read interview
Partner event offers
#BCTECH Summit

Join David Katz (Plastic Bank), Christofer Mowry (General Fusion), Kathi Fischer (Clean O2) and other cleantech and sustainable business leaders at the #BCTECH Summit, from May 14-16 in Vancouver.
SB’18 Vancouver

Learn how to embed social and environmental impact into your brand to boost positive impact and business success. June 4-7, 2018. Use code "JOINUS" for 20% off .
Canadian Water Summit

The 9th Canadian Water Summit  Knowledge to Practice: Applying Science, Policy, and Research to the Blue Economy in Vancouver June 20-22, ‘18.

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