Time to Play | Decline in Play | Importance of Leisure Activities
Make the time to play.
Wellness is a way of living that optimizes health by integrating all aspects of the self - body, mind, spirit and more.

" Play is the beginning of knowledge. " - George Dorsey

Here at Wellspring Behavioral Health, we believe that all people deserve the best life possible. It is our mission to help you mobilize all resources and start living fully.

Here are some fantastic articles about the importance of play and recreation for the whole family. 
The Decline of Play and Rise in Children's Mental Disorders

Rates of  depression and  anxiety  among young people in America have been increasing steadily for the past 50 to 70 years. Today, by at least some estimates, five to eight times as many high school and college students meet the criteria for diagnosis of major depression and/or anxiety disorder as was true half a century or more ago. This increased psychopathology is not the result of changed diagnostic criteria; it holds even when the measures and criteria are constant.

Incorporating physical activity into your leisure and recreation activities is an ideal way to fit more exercise into your schedule -- as well as address your mental wellness.

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Dr. McNeely's viewpoint and practice is integrative, combining developmental, cognitive-behavioral, existential and other perspectives to develop a holistic approach, broadening insight and opportunities for effective intervention. Abigail regularly works with clients dealing with a broad range of issues including:  depression , bipolar depression,  anxiety life  challenges and  chronic  illness.  She offers individual, couples and family counseling for adults and teens, as well as academic, employment and medical needs psychology assessments.

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