Profoundly Grateful
The story is told of a night long ago when the stars began to fall from the sky. The villagers, surprised by the stars streaking across the sky, panicked and assumed the world was coming to an end. They ran to and fro crying, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling; the world is ending."

Just then, one of them remembered the wise ones who lived outside the village. Frantically, they ran to them in search of an answer. "Look," the villager shouted, "the stars are falling into the earth. What will happen to us?" The wise ones, who had been observing the changing sky for some time, paused a few moments and asked the villagers to gaze upon the sky one more time.

"Look at the sky," they whispered, "See the stars that are falling. Now, pause a moment and look again.” The villagers did as they were told, wondering how it could possibly help. But then the Wise Ones said, “This time, look at all the stars that are not falling. Isn’t it amazing how many remain shining in the heavens?" 

I love this story. It particularly speaks to me in these anxious, stressful times we are living through. It reminds me of something I read once by that great sage, Anonymous, “If you don’t have everything you want, be grateful for the things you haven’t got that you don’t want!” 

Is there anything like that you’re grateful for?  Noticing the blessings that are blessings because of their absence can be a true spirit-lifter!  For example, today I am grateful that the flock of stink bugs at my window are NOT inside. And I’m glad that the window-washer DIDN'T drop his ladder on my car, and that my coffee didn’t burn, and that a HUGE ROCK didn’t hurtle down from outer space and land on my head when I went out for a walk!!