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A Note from Jan
Founder of Doorways 
"There has been, on average, 1 school shooting every week this year!" - CNN Headline

What a horrific tragedy; not only for the families involved, but for all of us! The loss of life, the loss of potential, the loss of hope is awful.

It appears that now, more than ever before, our young people are hurting and are acting out in ways that are unimaginable.

What can we do to help these hurting young people before they hurt others?

I think one thing that would be great is if we required every school aged person to go through a mental health screening just like they are recommended to do an annual physical. 

If this could be seen as a normal and expectable process to ensure overall physical and mental health, I think it may help people get preventative help before the tragedy in their lives or others occurs.
We agree with that National Association of the Mentally Ill (NAMI) that mental health screenings should be a key requirement for our young people because early detection and intervention can save lives (theirs and others)! 

Approximately 50% of chronic mental health conditions begin by age 14 and 75% begin by age 24, yet many people aren't diagnosed with mental health conditions until much later in life.

So, what can we  do as parents and caregivers? If you suspect your child is under abnormal stress or not coping well with his/her life you can request a mental health assessment from your child's primary care provider or counselor.

You can also set an appointment to speak with one of our providers at Doorways, where we always offer a free consultation to hurting parents. 

Not sure about whether you should call? It's better to be safe than sorry. I know this is a complicated and multifaceted issue, but to have a full screening by a mental health professional is a very good start to prevent tragedy.

Just call and we'll give you our honest assessment of your situation and what actions are appropriate for you.

You are not alone!

Jan Hamilton, MS, PMHNP-BC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Provider Spotlight

Now Hiring
We are growing!

Doorways is a fun, faith-based placed to work.  

If you know of someone who would be a good fit at Doorways, please share these job openings with them.

  • Appearance- Professional in appearance and demeanor
  • Dependability - Job requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations.
  • Cooperation - Job requires being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude.
  • Office Experience - General, Scheduling, Telephone Skills, Documentation Skills, Meeting Planning, Verbal & Written Communication skills, Attention to Detail, Proficient computer skills
  • Behavioral Health office experience a plus.

  • Position requires a desire to work in a faith-based multidisciplinary practice with adolescents and their families in an outpatient setting.
  • Expectation of impaneling with at least one insurance company prior to start of employment.
  • Current CPR & First Aid Certifications
  • Fully licensed behavioral health counselor in the state of Arizona.
  • Minimum of three years' experience working with 13-25-year-old clients and their families.
  • Enthusiastic and positive personality!

  • Position requires a desire to work in a faith-based multidisciplinary practice with adolescents and their families in an outpatient setting
  • Master's degree in psychology, counseling, social work or related field
  • Current and valid associate or independent level license through the AZBBHE (LAC, LPC, LMSW, LCSW, LASAC, LISAC)
  • Proficient computer skills and a working knowledge of Microsoft office programs
  • Exceptional communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Current unrestricted AZ Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card; Current CPR & First Aid
  • Enthusiastic and positive personality!
  • Current unrestricted license from the Arizona State Board of Nursing or current unrestricted license from the Arizona State Board of Medical Examiners
  • Current DEA License, NPI Number
  • Three or more years' experience in the delivery of mental health treatment for adolescents and young adults,
  • Current CPR certification
  • Empaneled with at least one major insurance carrier in Arizona preferred.
  • Individual malpractice insurance coverage
  • Able to support a faith-based, holistic, integrated model of treatment
  • Energetic and passionate regarding working with the adolescent and young adult population
  • Team player willing to work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals in treatment planning and provision of care.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills and the desire to grow with a rapidly expanding practice. We like kids and we like each other! Doorways offers a warm and nurturing environment for your work day!

For detailed descriptions of each job listing please visit

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