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April 2015

Our office is located on the Boston Marathon route almost exactly at the halfway point. Like seeing the glass half empty or half full, reaching the midpoint of a marathon triggers various feelings of pessimism or optimism. Having run the marathon a handful of times, I remember finding myself on each end of that continuum. 


Now, watching it is always a little emotional because I can relate to the sacrifices the runners make as they prepare for the event. As difficult as the race itself may be, it is the reward that comes on the tail of a winter spent working really, really hard.


Best of luck to everybody who is running this year. We will be cheering for you.



Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner

What to Eat Before/After Exercise?


A colleague messaged us on our Facebook page and asked us to write a piece on nutrition for student athletes. More specifically, she asked us to write about what a student-athlete should eat before and after a demanding workout. So, we did. Read More 

He Said, She Said: Marathon Nutrition


Jonah and Joanne explore the topic of marathon nutrition through the lenses of their expertise in sports nutrition and eating disorders, respectively.
He Said


Sometimes, quite often actually, approaches that seem most sensible on paper do not function the best in real life. That is why guidelines are nothing more than their name suggests and should not be treated as gospel. Guidelines are helpful because they give us a place to begin, but I always emphasize to runners the importance of . . . 

Read More  

She Said


From time to time, the subject of marathon running comes up in my work with patients struggling with eating disorders. Many of my patients are exercise enthusiasts who often have to cut back (or completely avoid) exercise in the early stages of ED recovery. As the individual makes progress in his or her ED, the subject of when he/she can start to exercise again will often come up. Read More 
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"Looking the Part"   

Jonah previews the talk he will be giving at the 2015 Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) Conference this July in Boston. 
Recipe of the Month
Make Your Own Sports Drink



Due to preference, tolerance, accessibility, allergy, or other factors, commercial sports drinks are sometimes not the best option during endurance events. Consider making your own.


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