After I published many articles about MH-17 , which thoroughly discredited Obama Administration and Mainstream Media claims that Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine shot down the Malaysia Airlines plane and after writing several anti-Hillary articles in the run-up to the 2016 Presidential Election, I was de-platformed by Google AdSense, who had paid me handsomely for the ad space on my blog over the preceding 5 years.

This disenfranchisement was done without explanation, without warning and without recourse. A few years prior to that, my mass-emailing account at AWeber was similarly shut down without warning or recourse, after I published a story about how to stop utility companies from installing SmartMeters on the side of your house.

The way these Big Tech companies do business is pure Corporate Fascism and it violates the First Amendment rights of their American customers.

This is why, when I watch the abusive propaganda raging from the Mainstream Media, I experience the classic Snowflake symptoms of "Actual mental, social, psychological and physical harm" claimed by student groups on college campuses when they seek to block Conservatives from accepting invitations from other student groups to speak.

Liberalism has become so weaponized it has not just become unrecognizable to me; I genuinely fear for my personal safety, if this faction wins any more political power. If it becomes any greater, I may become a homeless person – or worse. I'm not kidding.

Liberalism is the new Establishment and it has all of the tyrannical characteristics of the previous Conservative order. In truth, the behind-the-scenes players are the same Bush-Clinton Crime Families, who pay politicians, journalists and Tech Lords to propagate their narratives and to cover up their crimes. This really isn't about Liberalism vs Conservatism.

Liberalism and anti-Trumpism are the new clothing the Deep State criminals have donned to camouflage their criminality.

There is a major coordinated effort to silence anti-Establishment speech, which has destroyed my ability to make a living. So, when I receive fiercely anti-Trump emails from subscribers, friends and family members who are caught up in this relentless campaign by the Mainstream Media to impeach Trump, day in and day out, the trauma and dissociation I experience is so overwhelming and distressing that it simply cannot be put into words.

Whether my loved ones understand this or not, they are on the side of the people who are trying to end me. It is beyond traumatic when this abuse is coming from your own friends and family.

Trump is the only President who has ever addressed the tyranny of the Tech Giants who torpedoed my livelihood and those of virtually everyone else who I cover on my website. Having lost both of my parents in the middle of all of this plus a host of other personal problems and worries, the Trump Derangement Syndrome and anger leveled toward me are so off-base and extreme that I don't feel safe among the remaining members of my own family, even though this is our only point of disagreement.

This corrosive division is of course the goal behind the $18 billion that George Soros has distributed to Non-Profit Organizations, like Media Matters, whose collusion with the Tech Giants was finally revealed. A confidential memo by Media Matters' David Brock was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon at the January 19-21, 2017, 'Democracy Matters' Florida donor retreat at Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, Florida and it was recently made public:

It is cold comfort to have all of my suspicions over the past several years confirmed by this document. On top of everything else, to have these sleazy Soros operatives lump me in with "Right Wing Propagandists" is beyond annoying, as nothing could be further from the truth! I am anti-corruption, plain and simple.

Being de-platformed twice and barely scraping by for the past 3 years has left me with PTSD, all the more so with the accompanying social and family divisions that have further isolated me.

It is all the more disturbing when I understand that disruptions to my publication have actually been small tests to prepare for the coordinated mass de-platforming of others, far more influential than I, like Alex Jones, for example, with a hardcore following of about 6 million people, summarily disappeared from the Internet last month.

I ask you: Is this America?

If they can silence 6 million Americans in a single day and lie about 9/11, the Iraq War, Ukraine, MH-17, the Clinton Foundation, etc., etc., what can't they do and get away with next?

This excellent video is the latest by Canadian YouTuber, The Truth Factory, which puts the latest calls for Trump's impeachment into a legal and historical perspective. The fact that she has to make a cat be the narrator of her very intelligent work tells you all you need to know about the robot censorship of the Tech Lords!

Running Time: 13 min

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