March 2018

Financial Planning Priorities

Some interesting topics that often get missed when considering your Tax Planning:  

Don't Dismiss Digital Assets in your Estate Plan

This article is written by Sandra Foster.  Many of you know her as the author of "Your Can't Take it With You", which has been recently updated.   With more of our lives revolving around our digital devices and accounts, it is important to include digital assets in your estate plan.  If you'd like to discuss this further, please let us know.
Thanks for sharing some great insight Sandra.

There are many new insights into Digital Assets, and managing your online presence after you pass away.  Let's ensure it's discussed to ensure your legacy is managed for you.

46% of Canadians over 55 say they're falling short in their saving for retirement and 1-in-6 haven't started.

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Travelling for March Break?

If you need Travel Insurance, we now offer a quick and easy solution.   Just go to this link on our website and sign up right away.  Travel Insurance. Any questions, please give us a call to help.

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Federal Budget Commentary

See our update here.  The tax rules for Small Business were softened, but the end result is still limiting for Entrepreneurs.  Read on for all you need to know for this budget!

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Market Update:

Simon Hayter for National Post 

Portfolio Managers explain that while financial market indicators suggest that risk management is out of style among investors, the need for risk management is at a cyclical high.   Continue Reading

Volatility Returns -
Markets are volatile, and it is natural for investors to be worried about the impact on their portfolios.
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Missed the recent Wealth Matters Webcast  on CPP & OAS -wondering when to apply? Join  experts as they explore the factors that could impact an individual in or nearing retirement and their decision on when to begin receiving government benefits. Click Here
For more recent podcasts from your favourite managers, please see
Tax Time is Upon Us:

Watch for my article on Costs & Fee-Structures in the Financial Industry.  
For those preparing their taxes now,  be aware of the receipts that are being issued and ensure you have those that you should.
RRSP receipts.  These are issued in January, and weekly until after March 1st.  Please note, if you have done numerous RRSP contributions, and especially a last minute top up, they can be mailed after Feb. 28th.  You must add all the receipts together.  If you request duplicates, simply ensure you are  not using any receipt # twice.

RRIF Receipts:  These are all issued and sent in mid-January.  There is 1 per account.

T5, T3:  These receipts are issued by each company responsible for reporting on interest, income, dividends and distributions.  Therefore, you can have many for each account.  Assante can issue receipts for stocks and ETF's, etc.  Each fund company will issue receipts for their own holdings. These are delivered by Feb. 28th, but if there are distributions for Trusts, (such as most ETF's) the deadline is March 31st.

T5008:  This newer receipt provides information on transactions that were initiated by you & your advisor.  These receipts indicate where you should be claiming a capital gain or loss, but may not indicate the actual amount.  We can assist with this if necessary.  The primary reason for these receipts is to ensure the government knows when a transaction occurred that should be claimed.

Investment Consulting Fees:  For those clients that have Non-registered accounts and are under a "fee-based" structure, the fees that can be deducted are included on your December 2017 statement.  You can determine the correct amount by going to the Fees and Compensation page for any Non-registered accounts, and use the total amount under the Fe-Based Portfolio section.
As always, if you require assistance, please call.  We are happy to help.   Need an accountant? I am happy to provide a recommendation.  I work with many, and can find a good fit for your needs.  Just call the office to discuss your priorities. 
We are please to offer up to 25% in discounts on Canada's #1 best-selling tax software TurboTax 2017 taxation year,

TurboTax comes with four different product features based on your unique filing needs, in addition to two new TurboTax live support options. TurboTax also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that their calculations are correct, or they pay the CRA penalties. Click Here

Tax Help Needed?
Check out our tax organizers to keep you on track.
ONLINE STATEMENTS & RECEIPTS NOW AVAILABLE:  Have you set yourself up on Assante InvestorOnline?  It's time, as we now have online statements and the ability to print your own receipts and more. 

Richmond Hill Business Achievement Awards 2018 
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April 11:  Portraits of Giving, 2018 Honoree Launch. Join us to honour many volunteers who give back to their community.

Classic Albums Live, Who's Next on April 18th. As an avid Who fan back in the day, I'm thrilled to be a sponsor for this night where we can re-live our youth, dance and sing to the songs we all loved.  If you're a Who Fan, let us know.  2 tickets are being offered for those that tell us what year the album was released.  Cocktail reception included.

Thank you for your referrals. We really appreciate you passing along our name.  If you know somebody who needs a 2nd opinion on their portfolio, or who really needs to focus on planning for the future and setting some objectives, that's what I specialize in.  Ensuring you have the retirement income you need and paying the least amount of tax along the way is how I help you to meet your personal financial objectives.  
Thanks to you for helping us achieve a level of service and standard at our branch that is allowing us to help each of you to meet your goals, and better prepare your family for the future. 
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"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." 
Dr. Suess
This month's quote is in honour of those we've recently lost, those who are suffering from pain and illness, and those who need hope. We are thinking about you.

Janine Purves, CFP®, CPCA, CCS

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