Here's how my clients are building their businesses and support networks!

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I like to take every opportunity to share news about my clients' success. I hope their stories give you ideas on steps to take to grow your business. 


Vincent Chiravalle is running for NM State Representative for District 43.


Vincent P. Chiravalle, a republican candidate for New Mexico's House of Representatives District 43, launched his official campaign website,


To make Vincent's web site, I started by meeting with Vincent to discuss his message and his positions and writing the web copy. Rachel Kraft designed the Wordpress website. Rachel did a wonderful job listening to our ideas and coming up with a design that was in sync with his message and makes it easy for a member of his campaign team to update the website whenever necessary. 

Visitors can sign up to receive campaign news and event invitations, read his blog, volunteer and donate to the campaign. 


Nicholas Seet helps budding business owners begin their entrepreneurial journey. 


Nicholas Seet continues to teach one of UNM-LA's most popular classes, Intro to Entrepreneurship. Intro to Entrepreneurship students receive hands on training, practical assistance, and experiment with crowdfunding and other ways of financing a business. 


Seet is a business expert who created Auditude, an online video advertising platform that became the fourth largest video ad network in the world and was acquired by Adobe in November 2011. He is now building an online virtual incubator that trains and vets up-and-coming entrepreneurs and matches them with venture capitalists that fund new business ideas.

His virtual incubator,, gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed, like specific steps and resources to guide your startup, real time challenges that measure your entrepreneurial attitude awareness and aptitude, and rewards such as start-up tools, mentor connections and opportunities to connect with investors. Students in the UNM-LA class will have the first opportunity to test Seet's new model.

I was able to boost his enrollment by publishing an article that promoted his class.


Restaurant owner hosts a private tasting of farm-fresh foods.


Lana Crochet, owner of the newest restaurant in White Rock, the Rosebud Caf´┐Ż, promoted her new business and her personal food passion by hosting an event.


Crochet helps families in Los Alamos get access to fresh raw dairy, fermented veggies and high quality organic meats by organizing a private food-buying club.


Every month, Crochet and the other members order food from Miller's Organic Farm. Miller's Organic Farm follows the farming principles promoted by The Weston A. Price Foundation. Their cows are on a high forage diet and are fed no grain to ensure a higher quality, more nourishing and better tasting food. There are no synthetic fertilizers, hormones, or antibiotics used on their farm.


She hosted a free tasting at The Christian Church of Los Alamos, to raise local awareness for her food-buying club. At the tasting, people tried the meats, cheeses, butter, milk and veggies from Miller's Organic Farm and had an opportunity to become a member in the food-buying club.

Hosting this event made it possible for her to meet more people who were interested in buying raw food, and get them signed up on her email list.


If you would like to join the food buying club from Miller's Organic Farm, contact Lana Crochet at

Vincent Chiravalle, Nicholas Seet and Lana Crochet each took simple steps that brought them closer to their goals. 

Whether you're building a website, promoting an event or sending out a personal message to your customers, I would love to help you reach out to the people who need your services and are interested in your message. 



Mandy Marksteiner
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

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