Happy Birthday Randi Levin Coaching!

I am so very proud to be celebrating the beginning of my 6th year as an entrepreneur! Stepping into a mid-life pivot and building out a successful coaching practice was only a distant dream a decade ago. Determined to LIVE my legacy in real time, I approached starting my own business from the vantage point of YES. Yes to innovation. Yes to making mistakes. Yes to personal growth. Yes to growing a network. Yes to the unknown. Yes to sticking with it. Yes to becoming ME.

It has not always been easy, or predictable. It has, for the most part always been fun. Yet my inner entrepreneur has never worked harder. Celebration has never been more meaningful. It has lead me here. To this spot. Now. I appreciate the journey, the nuances, the learning, the inspiration. I appreciate all of you.

What I have learned over these years is that manifesting is real. If you have a vision and you are consistent with it, and really pay attention to it, it blooms. You need to really listen though because your inner entrepreneur can get easily distracted in the process of becoming.

Everyone has an inner entrepreneur, a compass that leads you forward. You don't have to own a business or be a founder to access it. Simply put, your inner entrepreneur is your own internal management system and summer is a great time to both acknowledge and expand upon that concept in the business of life.

How do you access your inner entrepreneur?

Lead and allow yourself to be led.

I am so grateful that summer is starting. It brings with it so much promise and new perspective. It is the foundation of things to come. Appreciate summer and you welcome in life. You celebrate how you lead by leading one-day-at-a-time. Summer is a magical time to enjoy and to regroup, to share family moments and create new personal and professional memories. It is a surprisingly high energy time to acknowledge and honor your own inner entrepreneur.
With only 95 official days, summer is a short enough window of opportunity to let go, to let loose, and let into your life what defines you NOW.

How will you choose to experience the 95 days of summer 2019?

How will you lead and be led?

Celebrate summer along with me and challenge your inner entrepreneur with 95 do-it-now innovative and productive ideas to curate, drive and execute a summer filled with your own bespoke definition of success! Use this list to manifest change and renewal starting right now!

Let me know what you add to this list and how you bring each entry to life! Consider acting on one idea a day, or putting a dozen or more ideas into a basket and picking one out to work on each week. Let your inner entrepreneur lead you and guide you! Where your thoughts go you go. ..

Cheers to a summer of successes…on your own terms. Make it legendary!
  1. Do that ONE THING you have been talking about all year!
  2. Experience something new.
  3. Pause. Listen to your life. What does your intuition tell you to do next?
  4. Catch up.
  5. Slow down.
  6. Smile more. Daily. Spread this.
  7. Clear out the old.
  8. Welcome in the new.
  9. Celebrate. You. Successes to date. Progress. Growth.
  10. Re-engage with your network. Make the calls. Meet the peeps. Drink the coffee.
  11. Be unexpected.
  12. Apologize. Shift the story.
  13. Create memories that reflect your legacy and your values.
  14. Say thank you. All day. Everyday. Play it forward.
  15. Play. Play. Play.
  16. Ask for what you want.
  17. Learn something you didn’t know before.
  18. Practice happy. How does it feel? Can you access it at will?
  19. Catch up on projects, promises, and priorities.
  20. Create something from scratch.
  21. Join a group, club, gym, or event.
  22. Network. Follow up.
  23. Inspire someone.
  24. Delegate something that you dislike doing.
  25. Volunteer for something you love to do.
  26. Start a journal and log in summer thoughts.
  27. Manifest legacy. What is your 2020 vision? How can you jump start that?
  28. Ideate. Take one action step on a new idea right now.
  29. Teach something.
  30. Recharge your mind.
  31. Recharge your heart.
  32. Recharge your soul.
  33. Fall in love with someone or something.
  34. Fall in love with YOU.
  35. Toss out three things that are not working in your life.
  36. Take a hike, walk, climb, and bond with nature.
  37. Visit someplace you have never been. Stop talking about it and GO.
  38. Execute ONE thing on your bucket list from start to finish. #legacy
  39. Collaborate with someone.
  40. Start. That thing you have wanted to begin. Do it NOW.
  41. Take a vacation from the internet/social media.
  42. Take time to reflect.
  43. Have fun. At work. At home. On vacation. With others.
  44. Do something memorable.
  45. Step out of your comfort zone. Stand in the unknown until it is known.
  46. Be alone. Plan this.
  47. Throw a party, event or celebration.
  48. Visit a new exhibit, store, event.
  49. Try a new type of cuisine.
  50. Remember someone who is no longer with you and honor them.
  51. Write a blog post, journal post, book chapter, or article.
  52. Be quoted as an expert.
  53. Help someone do something important to them.
  54. Support a charity.
  55. Start a new hobby.
  56. Market your brand.
  57. Hire an intern.
  58. Do a retreat with your team. Work on other team-building strategies.
  59. Rethink your goals and objectives
  60. Exercise. Exercise EXERCISE.
  61. Go to sleep early. Take a nap. Wake up late.
  62. Random acts of kindness.
  63. Engage your intuition. Listen in for details.
  64. Get your hands dirty; garden, clean, build.
  65. Make one new friend.
  66. Engage each of your 5 senses in a solo activity.
  67. Be a tourist in your town or city. See what you don’t see.
  68. Binge listen to a podcast.
  69. Binge watch a TV show.
  70. Wake up without an alarm (think luxury!)
  71. Learn a new language.
  72. Incorporate something positive into every morning routine.
  73. Invest in one productivity hack for your business.
  74. Read a New York Times Bestseller.
  75. Follow up. Be true to your word and do the thing you said you would.
  76. Stay in the conversation with yourself. What is one thing you can do NOW?
  77. Allow yourself to be led.
  78. Develop a morning routine.
  79. Develop an evening routine.
  80. Lose one pound not 10. Then lose 2 pounds. One at a time.
  81. Initiate and participate in a calendar that you control. Follow it.
  82. Lead yourself.
  83. Lead someone else.
  84. Reunite with an old hobby.
  85. Learn to play___________.
  86. Develop a new way to ___________.
  87. Read a book series.
  88. Do something backwards.
  89. Do nothing.
  90. Complete a project.
  91. Celebrate__________.
  92. Create a new tradition and share it.
  93. Have a pajama day.
  94. Pitch projects, clients, leads, speaking engagements.
  95. Do ______________ differently.
 What is on your list this summer?

How will you honor your inner entrepreneur? Let's talk !