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Issue No. 9 February 14, 2011


Since it's Valentine's Day, you are probably hearing stories about sweethearts who have found a way to stay together for 50 years, or more. One of the hallmarks of healthy relationships is open and honest communication, including "speaking the unspeakable." This is true not only in personal relationships, but in business as well. When employees can't or won't say what they need to say, the results can be devastating for the company's performance.

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Leadership's Impact on Candor

Watch Our interview with Tom Mendoza, Vice Chairman of NetApp, discussing the importance of a trusting environment.

How to Avoid Killing a Romance — or a Business

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that sooner or later even like-minded partners will face a problem they just don't want to deal with. Instead of going away — as they hope it will — the issue becomes the elephant in the room. The same thing happens in companies. There are certain subjects that are off-limits, discussed in whispers behind closed doors. These are the "unspeakables" – the difficult subjects that everyone acknowledges but that no one is willing to bring up. Read on to learn why.



The need for leadership development has never been stronger. Prompted by a global economic downturn, increased shareholder demands and intense competition, the importance of developing the individuals who can lead companies to sustained high performance is critical for success.

The Center for High Performance offers customized, one- to five-day courses focused on increasing business unit performance by developing a higher-performance environment. The CfHP team uses its exclusive research and proprietary tools to help business unit leaders apply our findings to their specific leadership challenges.

  1. Understand the killers of high performance and how to avoid them.
  2. Learn how to energize and motivate people during stressful times.
  3. Utilize a six-step collaboration model to encourage the flow of ideas and solve complex problems.

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