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There are a lot of articles out there highlighting how recruiters can assist your efforts, but well-built partnerships work both ways.  Here we look at what you, as a valued client, can do to assist our efforts.  At the end of the day, we want to do our best for you and we both want successful results.

We hope you find our observations helpful and welcome any feedback as always. 

Michael Clegg, Managing Director
Recruiting Solutions Team
Melissa Coleman,
Account Director,  Lighting Industry 

Bertina Brase,  bbb@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive,  Machinery & Equipment, and Industrial Automation Industries 
Katie Trippe, kpt@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive/ Operations Director, Machinery & Equipment, Engineering Services and Plastics Manufacturing Industries

Iris Winkelbauer-Hoelzl, imw@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive, European companies doing business in the US

Silvia Gray,  spg@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive, Automotive Industry 

Angie Barnes, amb@qworksgoup.com 
Candidate Success Manager

Michael Clegg,  
Managing Partner, Technology Industry

Let's face it; no relationship is perfect.  There needs to be compromise, good communication, support and understanding. This stands true even when you think about working with your external recruiting partner.   The Q Works Group has been assisting client companies with recruiting solutions since 2002.  What I have noticed since I've worked here is that all the recruiters tend to favor certain client companies due to the nature of their partnership.  This does not diminish the quality of service offered to all clients, that remains the same. It just means that certain relationships are, well... better, leading to more efficient searches and ultimately "better fit" placements.

This observation led me to the idea of trying to find out what exactly makes some of our clients "standout," in a good way.   When I posed this question to the staff, they were quite willing to offer insight and share what makes the most successful client/ recruiter relationships possible.  
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