How to Boost Productivity
Discover how to create a happier, profitable culture
using the Science of Happiness

Marty McCarthy, CPA, CCIFP
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January 21, 2018

Happiness in the workplace is important. Happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers are more likely to spend more money on your goods and services. As said by Jenn Lim, the CEO and co-founder of Delivering Happiness (DH), a company focused on creating happier cultures for a more profitable businesses:

“Strategy is the thinking,
Brand is the talking,
And culture is the doing.”

Jenn Lim led the launch and management of Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose , a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal best seller. The book is based on Hsieh’s experience leading Zappos, as well as research on happiness-based cultures.  
Companies that focus on the happiness of their employees have realized amazing results. Some experienced a 21% increase in productivity when they inspired employees to do their best work every day. Business that have sustained a culture of happiness have experienced 37% growth in their bottom line and sales. Companies that worked to maximize employee engagement experienced a 41% increase in retention. 

DH has many valuable resources on its website , including a survey to measure the pulse of your culture , a worksheet on why culture matters and a ROI calculator .  

Another resource is an e-workbook entitled How to Boost Productivity: Discover how to create a happier, profitable culture using the Science of Happiness . DH provides tangible ways to improve productivity in your workplace based on its years of research on the Science of Happiness , positive psychology , and their happiness model. The workbook outlines the three levels of happiness: progress, control, and connectedness, and how you can use them to redirect your culture to be more profitable and sustainable over time. Exercises are provided in the e-workbook to help build a happiness-based team.

DH’s tagline is: Let’s make happy work! With 80% of the American workforce reporting a lack of employee engagement, a happiness-based culture could be a valuable tool to increase profits while creating a work environment that makes people excited about going to work on Monday. This one shift in the mindset of your employees will give you a competitive edge. 

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