The best is yet to be! Like the beautiful, warm spring we've experienced this year, there is still so much more ahead for us.

This season has been a eventful time for CURO. First, we welcomed Melanie Schott to the team; her biography is now up on our site. Then, at the end of May we celebrated five prosperous years of growth, cultivating the CURO brand amongst our clients and community. And in the same weekend, we said our goodbyes to the space that was our home those five years to move into for a brighter, bigger suite, more accessible to our clients and with the capacity for our flourishing practice. You'll still find us in the same location at Victoria Commons, however we are now on the ground floor .

We'll spend this summer decorating and creating the most welcoming and engaging office that embodies the breadth of our brand and the passion we feel doing what we love.
We invite you to come see us here on September 20th for our Anniversary Celebration as we commemorate this journey and toast to our future. In honor of the occasion, we will partner with Together We Rise , to create Sweet Cases for local foster children. if you aren't able to make it, please consider sending a donation from our Amazon Wish List to be included in the duffels for kids. We sure hope you'll come celebrate with us!

MARKET COMMENTARY: Markets Hit Turbulence in May
After four months of rising stock markets, we finally saw a decline in May. All three major U.S. markets ended the month down, driven by rising worries about a trade war. The S&P 500 declined by 6.35 percent during the month, the Nasdaq Composite lost 7.79 percent, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 6.32 percent. Of course, this pullback is a concern. But in the bigger picture, it has taken markets back only to mid-March levels. They are still well above where we started the year, so there is no need to panic yet.

The pullback was due to declining confidence, as fundamentals improved during the month. According to FactSet (as of May 24, 2019), with 97 percent of companies reporting, the first-quarter blended earnings growth rate for the S&P 500 stands at –0.4 percent. If this number comes in as expected, it would be the first quarter of year-over-year earnings declines since the second quarter of 2016. On first glance, this may seem like bad news. But it is much better than the 4 percent drop forecast on March 31, or even the 2.3 percent drop expected at the start of May. Plus, analysts expect earnings growth to be positive for the rest of the year. This growth should help bolster equity performance going forward

Need to Catch Up On Retirement Savings?
Consider Backdoor Roth IRA Contributions
Retirement planning is complicated. Many individuals put off saving, thinking that retirement is years away—until it isn’t. Then, in their 40s and 50s, they start to panic and wonder how they’ll catch up. One strategy, made possible beginning in 2010 by a provision to the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005, presents a way for some individuals to potentially put away more money for retirement, in a tax-advantaged way.
A strategy that works around income phaseouts
One of the reasons people may invest in traditional IRAs is because contributions are tax deductible—but only for individuals within a certain income threshold and who are covered by a workplace retirement plan. Individuals with income over the limit can still contribute, but the contribution amounts are not deductible. A similar income phaseout exists for those wanting to contribute to Roth IRAs, whether or not they are covered by a workplace retirement plan; once they make a certain amount of money, the opportunity is no longer available. Or is it?
Take a look at this helpful and timely article we came upon from the New York Times:
Get Started Now:
A Financial To-Do List for Your Teens
The summer after high school graduation inevitably includes months-long encounters with various to-do lists. Extra-long-sheet purchases and milk crates for future collegians. A résumé for job seekers. Thank-you notes for all.

But let me suggest one more itemized offering: a list of financial tasks . If you want to set your child up properly for college, work, military service and the years beyond, there are several things you ought to do, help them do or teach them before too long.

Got a younger teenager? No time like the present to get started with a lot of this. Is one of your children already in college? You probably haven’t done all of these things yet.

This list applies to teenagers who face no major mental or physical health challenges. If your child does, revise at will, and please send me your own list via the email address below so I can publish one next year for young people who function differently.

We Slayed The Dragon! 🐉
The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a night on the water with this amazing group of fun and fearless ladies! The South Jersey Dragon Boat Club instructed everyone on basic paddling skills and drills then we loaded onto the boat to put those skills into practice. A little choppy at times and often a splash or a clash of paddles, but it wasn't long before we were gliding into the sunset.
Thanks to SJDBC and all the ladies who joined us on the water for this year's Dragon Boat introduction. We love sharing these unique experiences with our clients and friends. If you'd like to join us next time or perhaps another time this year, please let us know!
Dragon Boat Racing or just paddling in our case, is a great exercise in teamwork, as it allows you to be in the moment and work together with the crew person in front of you to gain synchrony. This is the fastest growing sport in the world - especially for women, and we can see why, as it is exhilarating, athletic, meditative, and fun to share with friends.

After paddling, we celebrated on the lawn with refreshments and snacks, while we listened and laughed as Old Man Garage Band played for the crowd.
Help Us Help Local Foster Children!
In honor of this next chapter of CURO we are gathering on September 20th for a "Build-A-Sweet Cases" event and invite you to join us as we create  personalized duffle bags filled with teddy bears, blankets, hygiene kits and more, to show foster children entering the system, that they are not forgotten and their needs matter!

Please consider sending a donation of new toys, books, night lights, hygiene items and more through our Amazon Wish List or bring into the office on your next visit. Thank you for your help and supporting our community and this worthy cause.