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Lagniappe for you...
[Pronounced, "lawn-yop," noun, meaning an extra or unexpected gift or benefit]
Have you received a gift today?

You have now!  A "Lagniappe" is a beautiful thing, an unexpected gift or benefit, given in appreciation, with no strings attached.  It is icing on the cake, gilding on the lily, a thirteenth egg.

Click here for your lagniappe.  Enjoy.
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I wrote  " The Opposite of Burnout --5 Career Strategies to Feel Valued, Be Heard and Make a Difference"  for YOU because e veryone deserves to enjoy a  creative, sustainable, enjoyable career.

Why celebrate? 3 good reasons: (1) Celebration is a way of honoring and appreciating the good things that come your way, (2) Celebration creates more of a good thing, and (3) Celebration makes life more fun!

Don't worry if you're not that good at celebration, there's hope! According to Michael Hyatt in his podcast episode, " The Fine Art of Celebration," celebration is a skill you can learn.

Why should you care about celebration? It's all about programming that powerful computer in your head to work for you. Rewarding the behavior you want reinforces it in the brain, so the brain gets onboard with producing more of that desired behavior! This is true of your team's brain, if you are a leader, and it is true of your own brain, as you work toward your heart's desires.   [ Read: How, Why and When to Celebrate...]

Celebration doesn't come naturally to me, so I'd love to hear how you celebrate. Connect with me on facebook, twitter (@Coach_Liz), linkedin, or reply to this email.

Yours in wellness, purpose and abundance,

  Liz Garrett
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Celebrate Your Bad Mood!
Your Crankiness is Your Friend

Think about this biological beauty: Negative emotions are a message from your genes that your needs are not being met.

Next time you feel sad, angry, edgy, annoyed, WHATEVER, ask yourself, "What needed isn't being met here?" Maslow's pyramid shows you how more basic needs MUST be met before you can raise your consciousness.

What need needs your attention right now?
Celebrate Your GPS
5 Growth Path Signals Point to True You
What you must discover on your own is this: YOUR UNIQUENESS IS YOUR GREATNESS! Yes! Your uniqueness sets you apart. Your uniqueness is your competitive edge, precisely because it can't be replaced or duplicated. There's only one True You! Why be like anyone else? Develop and leverage your uniqueness!

Here's a good place to start. Make the decision--and the effort--to reconnect to your built-in guidance. You have 5 specific indicators you can trust to lead you to True You.

Your True You GPS (Growth Path Signals) are... [ Read the article]
Essential Strategy #4: Smart Communication

COMMUNICATION SKILLS ARE YOUR #1 promotability factor, more important than your education, experience, popularity, ambition or tenacity (Harvard Business Review). Although the majority of their work involves some form of communication, very few professionals invest time and effort into developing communication skills, defaulting, instead, to the skill level they learned early in life. "Goo goo gah gah," only gets you so far. Set yourself apart with smart communication skills that:
  • Build alliances,
  • Focus on specific desired outcomes,
  • Strategize at least 3 steps out,
  • Give up "Being Right" in favor of "Being Effective,"
  • Get you more of what you want so you beat burnout.
 Your  Lagniappe

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