Thank you so much for all of your feedback about HB166, the bill that has been presented by the Maryland Board of Massage Therapy Examiners, and is currently in committee.

Given the amount of email we have received from yesterday's newsletter, it appears that many have opinions and concerns about this bill. While AMTA-MD (with guidance from National) currently plans on testifying, you are also encouraged to share your thoughts with the legislators.

HB 166 is in the Health and Government Operations Committee, who must approve the bill for it to move to the full House of Delegates.  You can find all of the committee members here, they are a good point of first contact.

You are encouraged to write a letter, send an email, make a phone call, or come to the hearing if you want to share your thoughts. Short, simple, and clear is suggested.

Contacting your personal Delegate is also a good idea,  you can find all of your representatives at this link.  Since this bill in in the House of Delegates, we suggest limiting your contact to Delegates at this time.

We will send updates when we have them, please watch your email.


When reading the bill please be aware that anything in lower case is current legislation. Anything in ALL CAPS is new proposed legislation. [Anything written inside brackets] or that has a strike through it is being deleted.


The best way to learn about what this means is to click here and read the bill - HB166.

We welcome your input. Please email Sabrina or Amelia with any questions, comments, or concerns.  They will be representing you at the Committee Hearing next week and appreciate your input.

This bill is set for a house committee hearing on Thursday,  Feb 1st at 1:00pm.   Sabrina and Amelia will be in attendance.