How to Contact Your State Legislators:
We encourage you to schedule VIRTUAL MEETINGS with your members of the State Assembly and State Senate. You may schedule your meetings at any time in February though we encourage you to schedule appointments sooner so they know our priorities and to ensure that your voice is heard.
Find Your Assemblymember
To identify your member of the State Assembly, go to

The upper right corner of the website includes a link: FIND MY ASSEMBLYMEMBER. 

Once you’ve input your home address, hit LOCATE and your Assemblymember’s webpage will pop up. Click on VISIT ASSEMBLYMEMBER’S PAGE.

On that page, click on CONTACT to locate the member’s office telephone number to request an appointment.
About the Legislative Session Calendar
The State Legislature meetings between January and June of each year. A copy of the session calendar is available to you by going to: Legislative Session Calendar | New York State Assembly (

We’re in the beginning of State Budget season, and while we’ll share more details about the timeline at the Legislative Forum on Tuesday afternoon, we wanted to share the calendar with you so you’re aware of the session days and non-session days. This might be helpful to you as you schedule your meetings with your State Legislators.
Find Your Senator
To identify your member(s) of the State Senate, go to:

Click on FIND YOUR SENATOR. You will be asked for your email and home addresses. Once you submit that information, your Senator’s name will appear.

Go to “Senators and Committees” in the menu at the top of the Senate webpage.

Find your Senator and click on the Senator’s photo. It will take you to the Senator’s official Senate webpage.

At the top of the page, click on “CONTACT”. The contact information for the Senator will appear. We encourage you to call your Senator’s Office via telephone to make your appointment and refrain from requesting an appointment via email as legislators’ may not get to email in a timely manner.
Position Papers & Testimony:
The NY Alliance has published the association’s budget and legislative priorities for this session. We encourage you to use these positions when meeting with your State Legislators and to share a copy with their offices in advance of your meeting.

The Arc New York has made their Mental Hygiene hearing testimony available to you for review and contains insight into the association’s priorities.

We have also included the NYDA position paper and the NYDA Legislative Priorities for you.
Assistance from the NY Alliance & The Arc New York:
Philip Aydinian and Katie Mayo serve as the Government Relations staff for The Arc New York and the NY Alliance, respectively, and are available to you to assist with understanding the association positions, help with organizing your talking points for legislative appointments, locating your Assemblymembers and Senators and any other assistance you seek.

Philip’s email address is
Katie’s email address is
New York Alliance
P: 518-795-3590
The Arc New York
P: 518-439-8311