Dear Spiritual Partner,

Compassionate Holidays require that you act consciously each moment. Unconscious caretaking and pleasing others (giving gifts because it is the "season") are  NOT compassionate deeds. T hey ignore the humanity of the recipient because the recipient is being exploited by frightened parts of your personality. This type of interaction multiplied billions of time each "Holiday Season" makes the experience much less than it could be.

Compassion is being moved to and by acts of the  heart . I am not speaking of the sentimental "heart," the "heart" that feels pity and need to fix other's problems (these are experiences of frightened parts of the personality). I am speaking of the most healthy, inclusive, grounded, and loving part of yourself. If this heart is not involved, no compassion is present. Therefore a compassionate Holiday, like a compassionate family dinner or a compassionate country requires you to replace the experiences of frightened parts of your personality (which also include anger, impatience, frustration, and judging) with the experiences of  loving parts  (gratitude, appreciation, patience, caring ). This creates  authentic power .

People who do not know about authentic power want very much to experience compassion, especially during the Holiday Season, but they don't know how so they try to will compassion into themselves. This makes compassion even more difficult to experience because the effort to experience it is really an effort to make themselves feel better, which is the opposite of compassion.

Most people are not aware of this close relationship between creating authentic power and experiencing compassion, but it is obvious to those who know even a little once they begin to think about it. You cannot be compassionate and angry at the same time, or compassionate and jealous at the same time, or intend to exploit someone and be compassionate with that person at the same time.

There is no such thing as  compassionate Holidays. There are only compassionate individuals, and in each instance, compassion is a matter of  choice - the choice to create authentic power, to challenge frightened parts of your personality and cultivate loving parts. A compassionate Holiday is impossible without a compassionate day before the holiday, day after the holiday, and compassionate days before and after those.  

Happy Holi (Holy) Days,

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Note From Linda
The Gift Of Changing From An Ordinary Limited Five Sensory Life To Living The Life I Was Born To Live.
Linda Francis
I saw the name Gary Zukav on a new book in the bookstore in 1989. The book was called The Seat of the Soul.  I knew I had to read it because I would read anything this author wrote after reading his first book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters ten years before.

When I started reading The Seat of the Soul I was captivated by it, and I could not put it down. Reading the words opened my heart. I had never heard or read anything like this before, but I knew what I was reading was true from the deepest place in me.

It was the beginning of my conscious journey to my soul. I was so grateful and at the same time realized that I had so much to learn. Until then I had no idea that my life had been completely unconscious with a few moments of clarity up to that point. Since that time I have been continuously learning deeper and deeper ways to be more loving and less fearful. I'm always in awe of the unlimited love and patience of the Universe.

Some days I still spend time in fearful parts of my personality (such as anger, judgment, overwhelm) until I become aware and have the courage to challenge them so they do not control my behavior. And it is not easy to challenge these magnetically attractive parts of my personality that come from fear instead of love (such as gratitude, appreciation, patience).

One of my biggest gifts the first time I read The Seat of the Soul was the knowing that so many things that had happened in my life I could now see as support from the Universe in helping me to grow spiritually. It surprised and delighted me, in fact, it made me laugh out loud. I knew that I had been supported by my guides and teachers all throughout my life and that everyone else was too.

That realization bolted me out of my ordinary limited five-sensory life into the unlimited potential of a multisensory life. Having this multisensory perspective has changed everything in my life. When things happen that are very painful to the fearful parts of my personality, I know that eventually I will see it for the gift that it is to support me in my spiritual growth, to live a more loving life and to fulfill my sacred contract with the Universe.

I am sharing with you one of the most powerful of the multitude of passages in The Seat of the Soul that awakened the potential deep in my being: Intuition.

Please write to me what you experienced when you listen to it. Please email me what you experienced when you listened to it (to with My Experiences with The Seat of the Soul in the subject line). 
I would also love to hear from you what passages in The Seat of the Soul were especially meaningful to you and how that opened you to greater potential in your life.

With Love,

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