How to Deepen Student Understanding of Math
What is the story of your mathematical learning and teaching journey? How did you learn math and how does this affect how you teach? This webinar is centered around building conceptual understanding of mathematics by exploring the importance of language, contextual relationships, multiple perspectives, and connections between ideas. Participants will walk away with teaching practices to implement in their own classrooms to strengthen student learning.

Participants will also have the opportunity to dive in deeper after the webinar through Brandman’s professional development course “ Math - Deepening Conceptual Understanding .” Through a grant, the first twenty-five individuals who register for the course will be able to participate in the professional learning at no cost, usually $400 per participant.*
In this webinar we will focus on:

  • How to identify challenges in math instruction and gaps in conceptual understanding
  • Connections between math concepts and the language, symbolism, and visual representations used to describe them 
  • Developing integrated approaches to math instruction that incorporate multiple perspectives
This live webinar event is FREE and open to the public  

Jenny Yu

Friday, September 28

4:00-5:00pm Pacific

Who should attend: 
-PreK-12 teachers
-Teacher candidates
-School administrators

*This event is hosted by Brandman University and made possible through a generous grant from the Better Together CA Teachers Summit .