May 18, 2016 |

When are you allowed to use deadly force to defend against a dog attack (or, in this case a pack of dogs)? Click the ornery dog photo to read what Independent Program Attorney Edwin Walker has to say about the law.
Do you know organizations, businesses, clubs, and any other entities in the Great State of Texas that promote gun rights and the expansion of liberty at all levels? If so, click the logo at right to learn how easy it is to promote your favorite 2A-friendly group
The "cellphone gun" is a cellphone lookalike that transforms into a firearm. But is it legal to possess and use? Michele Byington, an attorney at the law firm of Walker & Byington, and one of Texas Law Shield's Independent Program Attorneys, responded with: "ATF NFA AOW." Click the photo to see how the terms may - or may not - apply .
U.S. Army Officer Henry Ware Lawton spent a lot of time in Texas prior to capturing Apache leader Geronimo, and his Model 1886 Winchester rifle captured the fancy of an anonymous bidder who paid top dollar for the lever-action piece of history. Click the rifle photo to read more about this fascinating soldier and his one-of-a-kind Winchester.
Who can ask to see your Texas identification? Typically, only peace officers and magistrates may demand to see your identification. When can they ask to see your identification? Generally, only when you have been placed under arrest. To read the fine points about identifying yourself in the Lone Star State, click the sample driver's license photo. 
If you know LTC gun owners who need facts - and not hearsay - about our state gun laws, bring them to meet our Independent Program Attorneys and get their questions answered. Click the Texas map to see if there's an event near you.
Then it's time to get informed with the 2016 Edition of Texas Gun Law: Armed and Educated, a must-read for any Texan who owns a gun. The authors have skillfully cut through the state's legalese and produced a format that is easy for the armed citizen to utilize and understand. Click to see what folks are saying about Texas Gun Law: Armed and Educated...
Speed-shooter Jerry Miculek, aka Captain Louisiana, dons a tight Captain America costume and shoots at a replica Captain America shield with great comic effect. Some things you have to click (the shield at right) to believe.