July 2017 Newsletter
How to Detect and Protect Against CEO Fraud
By: Jessica Clifford
The Summer of 2015 was a memorable one for California-based-company, Ubiquiti Networks; though not for a very happy reason. This is when a single reply to a cyber scam lost their company over $40 million. The scam they fell victim to was CEO Fraud, also known as Business Email Compromise (BEC).

The scam started a few months before, when a Ubiquiti accountant took a phishing email's intended action. After this, the hacker installed malware onto the accountant's computer, allowing him to monitor the employee's email for months. When the hackers thought the moment was right, they sent another email to the accountant, but this time they impersonated the CEO. As the CEO, the hacker told the employee to make a wire transfer of $47 million to a particular bank. Immediately after the accountant agreed to send the money, the hackers took the money out. In the end, Ubiquiti was only able to get $8.1 million of their loss back.

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5 Helpful Ways to Avoid Downtime During Tax Season
By: Jessica Clifford
It is the week before taxes are due. Your firm is busy filing data and finishing last minute client needs. Suddenly, no one is able to access the tax preparation software. Someone checks on the server, only to find it has stopped its constant buzzing and the lights are off. You are not sure what this means, but you know that people are unable to do their work.

With an ever-growing problem, how much will this cost you? Your firm may lose tens of thousands of dollars' worth of profit. If you do not have backups, you will have to pay your employees to reenter data. Redoing work prevents your firm from assisting current clients, which can snowball into unhappy customers and a bad reputation.

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Can a mobile phone battery track you?
used with permission from Norton by Symantec
With this little known exploit, a mobile phone's battery life can actually be used to track online behavior. Security researchers have found that the battery status API of mobile devices can be used to track people online. In some instances, this can be used to upsell services purchased through a mobile app, ride sharing "surge pricing" for example. How else can this be used? Here's what you need to know about the privacy and security issues raised.

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How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home
used with permission from Norton by Symantec
Every day more of the country gets better, faster Wi-Fi coverage. But that doesn't stop your signal at home from dropping off or grinding to a halt every now and then. Here are the latest tips from our top experts on how to get the most from your home Wi-Fi service.

Location, location, location

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Developing a Cyber Savvy Workforce

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