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Issue 7 June 2016
It's that time of year again...Summer is just weeks away, so it must be time for ACE16, the annual conference of the American Waterworks Association (AWWAA).  As a founding member of the Association, and one of the leading suppliers of water and wastewater infrastructure products in the U.S., SIGMA will be present at ACE16.  To check out SIGMA's booth at the show, stop by Stand # 1309.  If you would like to arrange a meeting with me at the show, send an email to


Michael Weller, General Manager, SIGMA OEM

How to Ensure an Accurate OEM Quote  
Accurate quotes are an increasingly important element in today's competitive market. Companies can save time and boost productivity when they streamline their communication with suppliers and reduce the back and forth that can be required to obtain a quote.
SIGMA OEM offers the following "Top 10 Tips" to ensure a smooth and accurate quoting process:
  • There is no such thing as "Too Much Information" when providing details for a quote.
  • Include the most up-to-date drawings and all drawings required to quote machining, assembly, etc.
  • Be sure to provide the weight (if not called out on the drawing) and annual volume of the product.
  • Is the part coated? If so, provide the specification as it relates to the finish requirements (ie: primer only, top coat), the coating type (ie: FBE), color, as all of these features affect the price.
  • The material is a crucial factor in pricing. If not specified on the drawing, provide grade of material. Are there other specifications as it relates to the material and appearance of the part?
  • Provide a sample of the item, if available. If there is a discrepancy between the sample and drawing dimensions, be sure to indicate which to follow READ MORE
SIGMA OEM Website Now Live!   
SIGMA OEM is pleased to present our new and improved website.  The new site, which went live May 2016, contains a portfolio section that showcases a sampling of SIGMA OEM's product offerings, as well as photographs of our factories and industry-leading Quality Assurance stamps and machinery.
In order to provide more comprehensive and useful information on the site, we have expanded the sections detailing SIGMA OEM's processes, core competencies, and logistical capabilities. 
Finally, we have improved the navigation to afford a more user friendly and convenient experience.
As always, SIGMA OEM is eager to receive feedback from customers; please share your input on the revised site at
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