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January 2020
Because I Said So!
Explaining to children why you can’t always explain things to them.

In every parent’s life, there will come a time where your child asks you a question that you can’t answer. Not because you don’t know the answer (although that will happen also), but because your kid is not ready for the answer, or at least you don’t think they are.  Read more
A daughter asks a question of her mother which is hard to answer.
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Vaping Growing Among Miami-Dade Children 
Local health experts and educators agree problem is increasing.

By now you’ve seen news of the scary effects of vaping and the disproportionate numbers of our children who are engaging in the habit across the country. But despite the onslaught of information and stories, our kids are still vaping. Read more
Local health experts and educators agree problem is increasing
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Dealing with Change in Your Child’s Life
What to expect and how to help them through life’s changes.

It’s a new year and with it comes the eternal hope for improvement, advancement and, of course, learning for your kids. But instead of going through the typical New Year’s Resolution with your kids (although we encourage to keep doing that), we’d like to look at new beginnings and changes in general in your kids’ life, beyond the school year.  Read more
A mother comforts her daughter who is going through a hard time.
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Important The Children’s Trust Dates for 2020
A Presidential Election, Super Bowl LIV and the Census are only part of what's coming up this year.

For better or worse, 2019 is in the rearview mirror. It’s all about 2020 now. If the beginning of every new year is a chance to look forward and start to plan for a good year, well, then let’s do 2020 with 20/20 vision. Read more
Save these dates in 2020.
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