Sept. Newsletter

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  • The best toys for puppies/dogs who like to chew
  • Meet our professional dog breeders
  • What's in a purebred? Learn about our various dog breeds and what makes them special
  • Special puppies on sale for discounted prices
Does your dog destroy toys too easily?

There are lots of toys on the market for dogs who tend to tear apart their toys too quickly or easily. 

Good news, not all dog toys are created equal. Find out which ones are more indestructible. 

Have you ever seen a professional dog breeder's kennels? 

We give our customers a guarantee that we buy our puppies from only the best dog breeders.  We take twice yearly trips to meet with them and inspect their kennels. 

Take a look behind the scenes at one of our breeders to see their top notch operation.

Choosing the proper puppy for your home/lifestyle is critical for the dog's and your success.

Each month we will spotlight a particular breed of dog and teach you a bit about it. Warning, fun puppy facts ahead! 

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