How to Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs to for Free

Receiving a call from an unknown number repeatedly can be exceptionally bothersome and annoying. What is more frustrating is that mobile numbers are not listed or included in a public database. This makes it harder for us to find out who a phone number belongs to.

However, thanks to our ever-improving technology, we can now find out who owns a particular phone number. Although the process can be a bit tedious, knowing the phone number owner who has been calling you repeatedly is worth the time and energy. Because it is only when you know who owns a phone number you can report them to the proper authorities to make them stop bugging you?

If you are one of those receiving unknown phone calls, here are some methods for finding out who is a phone number registered to.

Contact Your Service Provider

There are many things you can benefit from contacting your service provider. Aside from being the most straightforward method, you can be sure that they will assist you with your current dilemma. Here are some tips on what you can ask from your service provider.

  • First, you can ask them to enable your caller ID to identify all the incoming calls on your phone. If your caller ID is already enabled, double-check your call logs. The annoying caller might be one of your friends who like to prank you.

  • Second, you can ask your service provider for a "call return service." One of the best ways to know who owns an unknown phone number is to call them back and ask them directly. Once enabled, you can answer the phone call you want to trace, and after the call, you will type the call return code, and a voice message will read to you the caller's phone number. However, in some places like California, you can only trace the last answered or incoming call and the return code without announcing the phone number. Also, your service provider may charge you an initial fee for the call return service.

  • Third, you can request from your service provider a "call trap." In this technique, you must write and list down the times and dates of the unknown number's call. You will do this for a couple of weeks or as long as your service provider requests. Once you have forwarded to them your list of dates and times of call, your service provider will be the one to identify the number and report it directly to the proper authorities.

  • Lastly, you can request from your provider to enable "call trace." The results from the call trace are much faster than that of the call trap. Once enabled on your device, you have to type the call trace code right after the call has been made, and the system will automatically forward it to the authorities. However, while the call trap service is usually free of charge, the call trace service is not and may charge you a fee.
Other Ways to Know the Owner of a Phone Number

Search the Internet

You can use the overflowing information on the internet to find the owner of a phone number. In this method, you have three options.

  • The first is for you to use a search engine such as Google. You have to enter the phone number in the search engine, and it will provide you with results of online platforms and other information connected to that number. For example, if that number is linked to a business or a website, you can browse their information by going to their business page or site.

  • Second, you can directly go to social media sites and find the number by typing it on their search box. And if you are lucky, you can find out if the number that has been harassing you is linked with Facebook's social media platforms. This social media platform is a jackpot connected to a phone number since it provides several valuable data and photos of the owner.

  • Third, if no information has been collected from the first two options, you can try the reverse-lookup database. This method lets you know the phone number's location and its service provider. However, if the phone number is a landline, you can search the caller's name, address, or business name on the reverse-lookup site.

These methods are only advisable for phone calls that are annoying and bothersome or those which does not threaten your safety. However, suppose the phone calls get dangerous. In that case, especially if you are continuously harassed or threatened, you should seek law enforcement's attention and let them handle the situation. Once your safety is at risk, involving the proper authorities is the best way to solve the problem.
How to Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs to for Free?