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Would you like to be on a level playing field with the wealthy? Would you like to take advantage of the same opportunities they get?

Of course you would. And we want to help. So you'll find some simple actions you can take in this issue of the Insider Bulletin to do just that.

You don't have to be on the outside. Follow the advice here and get yourself on the inside. It's a much nicer place to be.

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Meet... Shelley Lombard, Client Services Manager, Cork HQ, Ireland

In a nutshell...
The days in the office are never the same. I love variety in my life. And I love helping people. I'm a great believer in the personal touch and finding solutions that fit perfectly with what people need. It's very rewarding.

My life in finance...
I've been in financial services since 1984. I worked with all the big household names in finance, always in customer service. Royal Liver closed the department I was working in, just when Clive and Teresa were looking for someone to head up the headquarters office here in Cork.

My best experience in life...
Being given the loan of the then reigning world champion dressage horse. His name was Granat. He was so highly trained, he could practically read my mind. I asked, "How do I control him?" They said, "Just think it." They were right. I've never experienced that on a horse since. Absolutely incredible.

Outside of work...
I adore spending time with my horse, my dogs, my garden. All those sort of things that come with country living.

My advice...
Communication is the name of the game. People are good; they aren't clairvoyant. If people don't have the information they need, they can't act or act in the way you want them to. So you need to make sure that they have everything they need.

The best place in the world...
I live in a tiny village in West Cork. As a homebird, that's perfection for me. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

I can't stand...
The incredibly dishonest politics in Ireland. That really does make me angry.

If money were no object...
I'd buy a small holding. A small self-sufficient farm.
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Investment Tip 1: Invest in Things People Actually NEED

YFSOL A: Invest in stuff people need
Which would you rather sell?


A) Something people would like to have.


B) Something people must have.


Wealthy people know that B) is the much better option. So, they make sure they put money into these things.

If someone took your smartphone away forever, you'd survive. (Honestly, you would.) If someone denied you food forever, you'd die. (Yes, we know, life without a smartphone isn't worth living anyway, but you get the point.)

So, why not put your money into things people actually need? It's what the rich do.

By the way, that's what our YFSOL A investment strategy does, in case you're interested in an easy way to make money from people's daily needs. 

Everyone Should Have a Round Tuit

Investment Tip 2: Use the Same Financial Powerhouses as the Rich

Would you like to have the same financial power working for you as the rich? The same financial engine as the person who owns the yacht you work on?

OK, those are stupid questions. Of course, you would.

Our  Waves investment machine for yacht crew does exactly that. It allows you to pay regular monthly contributions into a basket of funds, including successful funds managed by the Rothschild family and Ruffer, two of the biggest names in international investment. Waves is designed to get the powerful investment houses used by the rich to work for you too.

Waves is straightforward and transparent, and you can sign up online any time and from anywhere in the world. And you can track your investments online too.

So, take the Waves Test to day and see if you can join the online investment revolution.

Investment Tip 3: Invest Boldly

The rich invest in places where others fear to tread. That fear often comes from ignorance. The rich look beyond the surface for the real story, the real potential.

For instance, we think Africa is a good place to be investing some of your money to earn high returns. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook agree. 

Facebook is involved with a company called Africa Mobile Networks (AMN). AMN builds and sustainably operates mobile network base stations in sub-Saharan Africa. They connect the unconnected rural population, which represents 200-300m people and is forecast to double by 2050.

Many African countries have good mobile network coverage in cities but not in rural areas, because operators are unable to serve populations of fewer than 10,000 people economically due to high mobile tower build, maintenance and operating costs.

AMN solves that problem. It combines low-power transmitters with satellite technology that directs call and data traffic onto an existing network. Even better, it uses solar panels to power the systems, making them completely independent.

AMN has some big name partners. Africa's largest telecom operators, Orange and MTN, have stated that AMN is their rural solution, providing live contracts in the largest target markets. And Facebook has backed the company through a US$12m cash grant, bespoke proprietary software and a hardware development partnership. In other words, Zuck himself is vested in the project.

Even better...

On top of all that, AMN has just announced that 50 mobile network base stations are now in commercial service, spread across four sub-Saharan Africa countries - Cameroon (Orange), the DRC (Orange), Guinea (Orange), and Zambia (MTN).

AMN's teams are connecting 10+ base stations per week and are on track to deliver 120 base stations by the end of June. The operational base stations are delivering strong performance results, with average revenue per site and per user exceeding expectations.

Contracts with Orange and MTN mean AMN is working with the top two mobile operators in Africa, and the current contract pipeline enables AMN to reach over 8,000 sites in 18 countries with these two operators alone.

And Orange has just started testing proprietary low-cost base station receiver technology developed by AMN and Facebook.

Your opportunity

If AMN sounds interesting to you, hop over to our website to read how you could invest in the company: AMN Investment Opportunity
Listen and Profit

Rupert (here on the right) is clever. He learns quickly. He's done quite well out of that. He has a lovely home in Ireland, a second home in France and he eats very well. His medical care is damn good too. You should see his last vet's bill.

What we're trying to say is this: there is simple advice in this bulletin. You can turn your hard work onboard into wealth that will pay for your life after yachting. But you have to be open to letting us help you by telling you what to do. Let us look after you. It's worked for Rupert. It will work for you.

Clive, Teresa, Phil, Roger, Helen, Jojo, Shelley, Guy & Rupert

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