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How Should I Feed My Lawn In August?
Organic Lawn Food
Organic Lawn Food promotes strong grass growth without the risk of burning your lawn in the heat. Organic Lawn Food also helps to rejuvenate thin, stressed lawns by adding organic content (in the form of high-energy protein meals, not low-energy manures) to the soil. These ingredients help improve the soil’s structure and water-holding capacity. Because of these soil improvements, your lawn will be better able to withstand the environmental stresses of summertime. Remember to mow your lawn higher to help shade the grass blades and reduce weed competition.    Read more...
Do You Have Very Hard Soil?
Love Your Soil
For very hard, compacted soil, apply Love Your Soil in the summer. Love Your Soil contains a special mix of six, soil-reviving ingredients (humates, amino acids, molasses, calcium, sulfur, and iron) that encourage soil microbes to breakdown nutrients while, at the same time, loosening hard soil for greater air, water, root, and nutrient penetration. If grass plant roots cannot penetrate the soil, then grass will not thrive.

To grow a great lawn, you need great soil! This is why Jonathan Green says, “Feed Your Lawn...AND YOUR SOIL!”
Thinking About Seeding?
Visit our Seeding Guide to get started! More on this topic in next month's Timely Tips Newsletter!

The Winner is...
Congratulations Mark of MA. Mark is the winner of our  Show Us Your Lawn Contest  for the month of July. He will receive a $50 gift card to Milford Ace Hardware, Milford, MA where he purchases our products! 
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