Get 1st Priority on
Fall Time Slots

How does Fall Loyalty Work?

1. Sign up for private lessons September 2019 – June 2020

2. Tuition is a flat discounted rate every month (For 30-minute lessons it is $20 cheaper EVERY month)

3. One emergency make-up lesson every semester (6-12 hours notice needed instead of 24-48 hours)

4. $49 deposit goes toward June 2020 tuition

How do we Prioritize
Fall Time Slots? 

Time slots start new every Fall. 
You tell us your schedule and we find 
the best time for you and your family. 

1st Priority

2019-2020 Loyalty Payment Plan AND 
take at least 4 lessons in summer
2nd Priority

2019-2020 Loyalty Payment Plan OR 
Take 8 lessons in July & August.

3rd Priority

Students that take some lessons in July & August.
You can sign on your phone with your finger or on the computer with your mouse.