October 20,  2017
Recent Articles

HBR and Forbes.com are two of the most sought-after places for thought leaders to publish. But both reject more than 90% of the article submissions they receive. David Rosenbaum explains three keys to greatly increasing the odds. He should know. He and his Bloom Group colleagues have helped clients publish more than 60 articles in HBR and Forbes in the last few years. 

Bob Buday looks back on his three decades in thought leadership marketing, and explains four trends of importance for those in the profession today: the spread of the practice across B2B sectors; the ever-increasing battle for mind share; the continued metamorphosis of content distribution channels; and lagging evolution of content R&D approaches. 

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We have an A-list group of speakers from McKinsey, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Ohio State University's pioneering think-tank on midsized companies, and Array Architects (a leading healthcare design consultancy). You'll also hear from the experts at Bloom Group and our event digital marketing partner Rattleback.

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