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September 16, 2010

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How to Get Results Like an Advertising Professional
Ozdachs for the Defense
What's Wrong with this Picture?
How to Get the Strongest Online Security
An Employment Lawyer Who Protects Your Rights
What are "Stock Photos" and Why Do I Need Them?
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How to Get Results Like an Advertising Professional
San Bruno Fire Department
San Bruno Fire Department
In the aftermath of the natural gas explosion and tragic fire in San Bruno (about 12 miles from my home), officials repeatedly broadcast a request for help from the public. They wanted to hear from anyone who had reported to PG&E that they smelled gas.

Every time I heard the plea, I shouted back at the radio: "How?" How should a public-spirited listener notify investigators that they'd smelled gas?

I have a similar reaction to submissions to my church's newsletter. The articles are full of suggestion to contact "the committee" for more information. "How?" I want to know. How do I contact a committee? How about telling me the leader's name and phone number?

Corporate communications don't make the mistake of leaving the potential client wondering what to do. Instead, there is a clear call to action in every ad.

Ozdachs for the Defense
San Francisco criminal defense attorney
San Francisco Criminal Defense attorney's new web site's gritty focus
Search engines like to see that other sites link to your web pages. Therefore, one good technique to rise in Google rankings is to create new sites with unique content that all point to your main site.

This summer client Tim Pori took action to get his established San Francisco criminal defense attorney site more respect from Google. He purchased a domain name,, which reflected his expertise, "criminal defense". Then Tim had Ozdachs put up a second site.

The 2010 site has new content and a grittier feel. The home page features this picture of the depressing choice of bail bondsmen around the San Francisco jail, and the tone avoids false optimism. And, of course, the new site links to Tim's original site, and vice versa.

I hope that you and I never need Tim's services. But, if we ever are accused of a crime, both of these sites give you extremely important information on how to protect your rights!

What's Wrong with this Picture?
Woman looking to the right
Woman looking off page
There's something wrong with the woman in this photograph. Something unprofessional and inexplicably off-putting.

Something beyond her expression that suggests she is contemplating doing terrible things to small animals.

Do you know what it is?

She's violating a rule of page layout that's been around since the days when there were physical pages on which photographs were laid out.

The woman in the photograph is looking away from the main text of this newsletter and she's drawing your eyes away from the article.

How to Get the Strongest Online Security
Strongest passwords aren't always the most secure
The strongest password may not give the strongest security
Have you ever had to use a computer-generated, meaningless password like:
Sna98Kie!!B55+~ ?

These typo-looking passwords are touted as secure because they use words and characters that aren't in any dictionary and are unlikely to be guessed by hackers.

And, how about those sites that make you change your password every 30 days? I am not sure why making you change your password makes it more secure, but the sites that enforce this password switching tell you piously that the inconvenience is for your own good.

Now comes a report in The New York Times that shows that most "Security advice simply offers a bad cost-benefit trade-off to users." Simply, arcane password rules don't actually make your accounts more secure.

An Employment Lawyer Who Protects Your Rights
An employment attorney can get sexual harassment to stop.
Sexual harassment is the work place
Is some slimy-looking dweeb putting unwanted moves on you at work? (This is one of my favorite stock photos, by the way!)

Are you being told what to do, when to show up, and how to accomplish a task but are still called an independent contractor instead of a benefit-receiving employee?

Are you being discriminated against or otherwise treated unfairly?

San Francisco Bay Area employment attorney Brian E. Hawes focuses on representing workers whose employers have treated them illegally.

Check out Brian's new Ozdachs web site. And, if you need help protecting your right to be treated fairly in the work place, go to the site and pick your preferred way to contact Brian.

So, What are "Stock Photos" and Why Do I Need Them?
I confessed in the story above I that love the sleazy guy stock photo. And, the full story in the "What's Wrong with this Picture" article mentions that most stock photos show models looking directly into the camera.

So, what's a stock photo?

It's just a picture you can license to use for your advertisement or web site. These licenses can be for a single use, for a specific number of copies, unlimited impressions, or the licenses can have other terms.

To avoid running afoul of copyright and intellectual property concerns, you should use only use pictures you take yourself or stock photos in your web site and ads. And, if you take the pictures yourself, make sure that you have model releases from people who are identifiable in the shots.

Because of these complex rules, for most organizations stock photos are the cheapest and easiest way to add graphics to the site.

I purchase licenses for stock photos from I have used other services over the years, but Dreamstime lets you buy photos by the drink instead of though a time-based subscription service. You can start off by spending as little as $10 for "credits" and smaller photos cost as little as 1 credit each.

That's a pretty inexpensive way to make a visual point!

Check out Dreamstime by clicking on their logo below, and please send me your questions about adding photos to your site.

Dreamstime Stock Photos
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