ACCMA Interview with David Ginsberg of PrivaPlan on  
How to Get Telemedicine Up and Running Quickly  
ACCMA  recorded an interview yesterday (3/19/20) with David Ginsberg, co-founder and president of PrivaPlan Associates, Inc., about how to quickly incorporate telemedicine into your practices. Click here to download and access the recording.
In addition, here is a quick summary of key points from the interview: 
  • If you are affiliated with a group/foundation/IPA, check with them first for vetted solutions 

  • If you need to come up with your own solution, you should try to do so in a HIPAA compliant manner
  • HIPAA penalties are not being enforced for a limited time, but will eventually be enforced again  
  • Even though penalties won’t be levied, investigations may still occur, and corrective actions can still be ordered 
  • As of now (3/20/20), California Medical Information Act (CMIA) remains in place 

  • Permanent solutions that are HIPAA compliant (will enter into Business Associates agreement): 
  • Skype for Business 
  • UpDocs 
  • Vsee 
  • Zoom for Healthcare 
  • Google G-Suite Hangouts Meet 

  • Temporary solutions that are secure/encrypted and can be used during public health emergency, but are not HIPAA compliant (i.e. no Business Associates agreement): 
  • GoToMeeting 
  • WebEx 
  • RingCentral 
  • FaceTime 
  • Facebook Messenger Videochat 
  • Google Hangouts 
  • Skype 
  • WhatsApp 
  • Solutions that should NOT be used because they are not secure and: 
  • Facebook Live 
  • TicToc
  • Twitch 
  • Similar public facing video messaging apps 

  • Note that for HIPAA-compliant products, you will be required to use vendor’s Business Associate agreement; will not use your BA agreement 

  • Costs for HIPAA compliant solutions range from $30 per provider per month and up 

  • Nearly all solutions are accessible across platforms (mobile, desktop, app, etc.) 

  • Telephone-only may not be sufficient for telemedicine. For example, CMS requires “use of interactive audio and video telecommunications system that permits real time communication between the distant site and the patient at home” 
To access additional COVID-19 and Telemedicine resources, please visit the ACCMA COVID-19 webpage at and the ACCMA Telemedicine page at Additionally, you may contact the ACCMA by calling (510) 654-5383.