August 2021
How to Get Wealthy Owning a Franchise
How do you eat an elephant? One bite a time! How do you get wealthy owning a franchise? Don’t we wish the answer was as simple as one bite a time? Before I can answer that question, let me ask you a question. How do you define wealthy?
To me, wealthy is defined as not just money, but time to spend my money. Wealthy is getting up each day excited at how I will spend my time that day. Wealthy is building a legacy for my family and my community. If I feel passionate about my life, have work life balance, am doing something that benefits others and enables me to be remembered for positive reasons, and I am making the money I want and need, then I am wealthy. Can you achieve my definition of wealth in a franchise? You better believe it!

Here are my top 10 tips for Building Wealth in a Franchise:

  1. Select the right franchise – the right franchise is the one that matches your goals, skills and investment capabilities. It is not the one you are the most passionate about or even the one your community needs. It can be, but those are secondary to what matches you.
  2. Follow the System – when you invest in a franchise, you are buying leadership. Do what they recommend. Follow their lead. Do not reinvent the wheel.
  3. Be Coachable – after you say yes, surrender your ego at the door and be coachable. Do not assume you know everything or anything for that matter.
  4. Have a BIG vision and even BIGGER goals! I would rather you achieve 60% of a huge goal than 100% of a small goal. The power of expectation is real. You will get what you expect, so expect big!
  5. Have a “Daly” Plan – Break your annual revenue goal into daily sales goals so each day you know exactly what has to be accomplished to eat that elephant one bite at a time.
  6. Be a Leader – Delegate! Take pride in creating a fun environment for your team, build camaraderie and inspire your employees to want to compete to win!
  7. Be a Brand Ambassador – your business may not need you in it every day, but your business still needs you. Wear the shirt! Be the best brand ambassador you know how to be by promoting your business within the community.
  8. Seek Referral Partners – marketing can only get you so far. Referral sources who can influence the end customer to come to you will always be your best and cheapest leads. Think outside the box, get fun and creative and incentivize synergistic businesses to refer the customer to you.
  9. Commit – Success in anything is not about getting, it is about going. Commit to the journey and have fun every step of the way. You will hit your financial milestones and celebrate that for a day, but if you are enjoying the road to those milestones, you will feel a lot more successful!
  10. Stay the Course – wealth is not created overnight, and to be truly wealthy as a business owner, you have to grow into the role of a wealthy business owner by building confidence, skills and experience. When you become the owner worthy of the business of your dreams, you will have the business of your dreams.
Nobody but a painter ever thinks about owning a painting company, but wouldn’t it be kind of fun to own a painting company? Everywhere you look there is paint; paint that will need to be repainted at some point.

This young, fast-growing paint company was started by the nicest guy in the world! He set out with a distinct marketing spin – to deliver the highest value in customer service to the biggest homes in every neighborhood. What does that mean to his franchisees? The largest average ticket in the industry. What else does that mean? His franchisees do not have to paint as many homes to make the same or more money than their competitors.

If you would like to learn more about owning a sales and marketing company that paints the most expensive homes in a neighborhood, a company who starts pre-selling paint jobs before you even get home from training so the minute you are “OPEN” for business, you have customers resulting in stunning validation from franchisees on first year revenue, reach out to me today.

How do you follow the proven system of a franchise, but then make the franchise your own? You can refer to my top 10 tips above and watch this video! Good luck!
Congratulations to my July candidates who said YES! to their business ownership dreams! Keep dreaming bold dreams and never give up! And do not forget, The Daly Coach is here if you need me. God bless you!!
Ross & Michelle | Bradenton, FL
Premier Martial Arts

Jerry | Dallas, TX

Billy & Julie | Dallas, TX

Javier & Chris | Dallas, TX
Mighty Dog Roofing
Kim is Amazing!
We had a fantastic experience with Kim as our franchise coach. We have a friend that we presently do business with that highly recommended her when we happened to tell him we were looking to diversify and opening another business. She helped him connect to his current franchise as well. He was not wrong about her talents. Kim was enthusiastic and excited to get to know us and find those opportunities that would best fit and suit us. She made us comfortable in exploring the opportunities she found and in category we thought we preferred. She even presented one that we thought no way would want to do that! We trusted her process, went on the blind date. And guess what?? We picked the one we would have never considered otherwise or even found on our own. She just knew what would be the right fit. Now we are fully committed and signed on for 3 locations. Wow! If you want the best in the biz to connect you with your future dreams, we definitely recommend Kim Daly.
Billy & Julie - Dallas, TX
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