July 2015
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Ian Said
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How to Handle Guest Complaints in Your Restaurant



Every restaurant receives guest complaints at one time or another, but it's how your establishment handles the grievances that counts.

Look On Complaints in a Positive Light

Look on guest complaints as a positive experience because it means that the customer cares enough to give your establishment feedback. It's better that they've expressed their frustration than walk out with complaints unsaid to badmouth your restaurant to their friends and on social media. Use the opportunity when a customer complains to redeem the situation to make sure the encounter ends amicably.

Grasp the STARS Mantra 

When dealing with complaints, use the STARS mantra: Sorry, Thanks, Act, Recover and Share.

Sorry. Immediately apologize to the customer. No finger pointing, arguing or pushing blame onto another staff member.

Thanks. Express gratitude to the guest for bringing the issue to the attention of your restaurant. Remember that a complaint is a fantastic opportunity to do some great public relations work.

Act. Rectify the situation at once. If the food was not to the customer's liking offer to recook the dish or replace it with something else that the person would prefer.

Recover. Offer the guest a small freebie, such as a dessert. This ensures that your customer feels that the mistake was not only rectified but that an effort is made to compensate for it. However, use your discretion with this because you don't want to positively reinforce complaint behaviour or make it seem as if you're bribing your guest.

Share. Use the complaint as a learning opportunity for your staff. Make sure they're all, from kitchen staff to waitrons, fully aware of how to deal with complaints. Ensure that the manager is brought into the STARS process at some point so that customers believe they are being properly looked after.

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