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September 2021

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What to Do with Your Yard Waste
Keeping It Out of Landfills
As autumn approaches, many of us will soon see fallen leaves strewn about our lawns. We may still be mowing the grass, trimming our hedges, and picking weeds as well. Because of this, an abundance of yard waste can be generated which should be disposed of properly. Many people may wonder what counts as yard waste - here are a few examples:

  • pulled weeds
  • twigs and branch trimmings
  • leaves
  • grass clippings
Yard waste used to account for 20-25% of Michigan's trash, needlessly filling up landfills. However, curbside yard waste collection services have greatly reduced this number and allows it to be taken to a large-scale compost site for proper disposal. Yard waste collection and preparation guidelines vary by city, but there are a couple general rules for all RRRASOC communities:

  1. Grass and leaves should be put into paper yard waste bags or trash cans labeled with a yard waste sticker.
  2. No logs, stumps, dirt or rocks will be accepted.
For more information about yard waste pick-up in your area, please visit our
Using Yard Waste to Give Back to
Your Lawn & Garden

As a simple, natural approach to lawn care, grasscycling is the practice of leaving grass clippings on the lawn or using them as mulch. Through decomposition, grass clippings release nitrogen and other valuable nutrients resulting in a greener, healthier lawn without the use of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides.

There are many benefits when it comes to grasscycling:

  • There's no raking and no bagging, which means less time spent on lawn care.
  • It saves money by eliminating the use of bags, fertilizer, and gas for the mower.
  • It reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing less time on the mower.

If grasscycling sounds interesting to you, be sure to check out our guide for tips and tricks, helpful facts, and how to grasscycle here.
Did You Know?

During the spring and summer months, grass clippings account for up to 50% of one's total yard trimmings.
Backyard Composting

Households produce a significant amount of organic material that is well-suited for composting (that includes yard waste!). Some of these materials include:

  • Vegetative food scraps
  • Dead houseplants
  • Leaves, twigs and grass clippings
  • Garden trimming and weeds

When composted correctly, the organic materials are broken down by aerobic bacteria, fungi, and other micro-organisms that create a nutrient-rich humus that can be reused ingardens, flowerbeds, and more!

Want to get started? For instructions on how to assemble and maintain your compost pile, please visit our Composting page.
An Interesting Composting Fact...

As much as 35% of household waste is made up of kitchen scraps and yard clippings - these could instead be used for backyard composting!
Paper Cups are Now Accepted!
Did you hear the good news? Paper cups are now recyclable with RRRASOC! This includes fast food cups, Dixie cups, and more. The introduction of paper cups to our recycling facility is a positive step forward in doing everything we can to keep our community clean and sustainable for our future.

Remember to rinse your paper cups before placing them in your recycling bin dry, and don't forget to throw away lids and straws!

Please Note:
Hot beverage cups that are foam or foam-lined are non-recyclable and should go in your household garbage.

For more information about what's acceptable in your recycling bin, please use our Recycling Directory at!
HHW Events Coming Up
October 2, 2021 - Novi Department of Public Works
9:00am - 2:00pm
Novi Department of Public Works
26300 Lee BeGole Drive, Novi
  • Bring household hazardous waste
  • 3 boxes or up to 100 lbs of shredding
  • Electronic waste is also accepted

October 30, 2021 - RRRASOC MRF - Truck Entrance
9:00am - 2:00pm
RRRASOC MRF - Truck Entrance
20875 Mapleridge Avenue, Southfield
  • Bring household hazardous waste
  • 3 boxes or up to 100 lbs of shredding
  • Clothing, shoes, accessories, and small household items will be accepted by Simple Recycling at this event. Bag items if appropriate. Keep separate from HHW
  • Electronic waste is also accepted
Sustainable Holidays in September
International Ozone Layer Preservation Day

Our ozone layer in the stratosphere protects us from dangerous amounts of solar radiation every day. On September 16th, we'd like to give back and protect the ozone layer by minimizing our use of fossil-fueled cars. Traveling by bicycle, walking, or carpooling decreases the amount of pollution entering our atmosphere.
National Cleanup Day

September 18th is National Cleanup Day! To keep our outdoors clean, you can host or join a cleanup event near you at This day is held in conjunction with World Cleanup Day, with over 180 countries and millions of participants joining. You can also participate by picking up litter with friends and family or cleaning debris you may see during your daily activities.
Can't Make It to an HHW Event? Don't Want to Wait?
No Problem!
Save time and avoid the line by dropping off HHW at ERG Environmental Services in Livonia on non-event days without a fee during the following hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tuesday and Thursday
9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

HHW pickup from your home is also available for a fee of $135 per stop plus $0.75 per pound of material collected. This fee is paid directly by the resident to ERG Environmental Services.

To confirm drop-off times and/or to schedule a pickup, please contact:

ERG Environmental Services
13040 Merriman Road, Livonia
(734) 437-9650

For more info, visit the ERG HHW Drop-Off page.
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