~ February 18, 2021 ~
TED: Dame Vivian Hunt

"We're not always going to get it right, and that's OK. Real, substantive change takes time. The right answer keeps changing. But we have to try to do better." How can companies turn stakeholder pledges into reality? (also see Unrealized Potential: Misconceptions About Corporate Purpose and New Opportunities for Business Education and The Next Move: 10 Ways to Bring Stakeholder Capitalism into Practice)
Associated Press: Sam Metz

The argument is one of innovation and efficiency, but is that a good enough reason to allow companies to treat society like software?
Are the vast majority of us infantilized by the financial system? And how often does the system encourage action that is against investors' long-term interests?

Changemaker Speaker Series: University of New Hampshire, Aspen Institute Business & Society Program

18 months ago, the ground-breaking statement by the Business Roundtable on the purpose of the corporation was signed by almost 200 CEOs of the largest corporations in America. What has changed since then, and are we truly on the brink of a new form of capitalism? 

Join us February 25th, 12:30 PM ET, to discuss this and more with: 

Deborah Merrill-Sands, Dean of Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics 
Jason McBriarty, Levi Strauss Foundation at Levi Strauss & Co.
Judy Samuelson, Aspen Institute Business & Society Program

The Guardian: Ian Leslie

"Disagreement is a way of thinking, perhaps the best one we have, critical to the health of any shared enterprise, from marriage to business to democracy." What does it mean to argue well?
Evonomics: Robert H. Frank

If context is the monkey wrench in Adam Smith's invisible hand, can Darwin help fix what's wrong with traditional models of rational choice?
How can more accurately evaluating intangible assets like employee wellbeing and corporate purpose help investors avoid costly pricing mistakes? (also see part 2)
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