August 30, 2018
How to Keep Your "A" Players
It's a nightmare scenario for any business: A star employee suddenly decides to jump ship for the competition. Out the door goes years of experience, in-depth knowledge of sales and marketing plans, and even a good number of hard-won customer connections.

It's that last part, with its costly ramifications, that can cause the most immediate damage. "Customers will often follow a departing employee out the door to his or her new employer," says Richard Avdoian, an employee development consultant in Metropolitan St. Louis. ( "People like to stay with employees they trust."

Across the Transom...
Here's a look at some of the news we've seen this week.

As the autumn leaves fall from the trees and pillowy snowflakes blanket the ground, the  Holiday Inn Club Vacations ®  brand offers travelers a number of winter adventures to keep the warmth of family cheer alive while enjoying the cooler weather. With four resorts ideally located for winter activities - Mount Ascutney Resort, Lake Geneva Resort, Fox River Resort and Oak n' Spruce Resort - the merriment of winter festivities and the holiday season is contagious at Holiday Inn Club Vacations.
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Late Saturday night, a national war hero, giant of the Senate, husband and father, departed from life. John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, wrote a stunning tribute, one that any parent could only hope to receive from their child.

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