Very proud to support the launch of "How to Live" 

In an engaging and clear style, it describes how nutrition and other lifestyle factors influence our biological processes and how these effect our immunity, gut health, chronic inflammation, risk of chronic disease and acute infections. 

Highly recommended for readers keen on sensible and effective advice based on the latest evidence from an author in the forefront of lifestyle research.

"This book will dramatically reduce your risk of chronic disease and literally change your journey through life"
Professor Karol Sikora

"Full of arresting facts. This book shines a bright light on the path to healthy living "
Dr Rob Lawson Head of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Some of the strange but true facts found in "How to Live":
  • Egg whites and celery can help reduce excess BP
  • Peanuts, chickpeas and mushrooms help lower cholesterol
  • Simply extending overnight fasting is an effective way to control weight
  • Smelly cheese and fermented soy help harden bones
  • Certain house plants can reduce air born toxins by up to 80%
  • Exercise and polyphenols in plants can slash your cancer risk
  • Probiotics and many herbs lower fatigue and improve mental alertness
  • Prebiotics are just as important as probiotics for boosting gut health


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