August 2020
Our eyes can reveal not only our age but also how we feel and if we haven't been getting enough sleep.

Sometimes we can look 'tired' even when we're not. Especially now that all people notice are our eyes, we want to make a good impression.

August is all about looking less tired. Read our latest blog to learn how injectables can help to perk up tired-looking eyes.

This month we're giving away twenty $100 GIFT VOUCHERS for JUVEDERM Dermal Fillers . Plus we're delighted to introduce SkinMedica, a medical grade advanced skin care line form Allergan. Read below how you can earn Brilliant Distinction points on your skin care purchases. Try our eBoutique to receive $25 of your first order.

Don't wait! Give us a call now to look brighter, fresher and less tired.
3 Non-Surgical Ways to Refresh Your Appearance
Dark circles, hollowness in the tear troughs and hooded eyes can make you look like you haven’t slept in days. Even if you’re well-rested, the aging process can make your eyes look tired. Anti-aging injections such as neuromodulators (ie. BOTOX ® ) and dermal fillers can counteract that ‘tired’ look and help you achieve a beautifully refreshed and ‘awake’ appearance.

There's nothing better than looking as radiant and youthful on the outside as you feel on the inside. That's why we're giving you $100 OFF your first syringe of our premium, long-lasting dermal filler purchased during the month of August!

Whether you'd like to look less tired or contour your cheeks or jawline, we can help you achieve a more lifted, youthful and confident appearance.

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Dear Dr. Steyn,

I heard that Botox can be used to reduce sweating under the arms. How does it work? Sherry K.

Dear Sherry,

Yes, neuromodulators such as BOTOX ®  can help to minimize hyperhidrosis, the medical name for excessive sweating in areas such as underarms, hands and feet. 

The medication works by blocking the nerve signals that tell your sweat glands to pump moisture to the skin, reducing the amount of perspiration produced.
A Medical-Grade Skincare Line that lets you collect Brilliant Distinction points
SkinMedica Travel Bag Value $120
Are you ready to discover the difference GROWTH FACTORS can make?

SkinMedica®, an Allergan company, is an advanced line of skin care products designed to help prevent and reduce the effects of aging and keep the skin as healthy as possible. These products promote the natural healing abilities of the skin and work to regenerate the elasticity and volume that skin tends to lose over time.

SkinMedica® products contain many essential ingredients, including Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, retinol, antioxidants and proteins, which work together to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations, and improve skin texture and tone.

Get your Travel Bag with 6 travel size products when you purchase a SkinMedica System valued at $399+. Receive 100 BD points for every $150 spend on SkinMedica (can be used towards ANY Allergan product including Botox and Juvederm).

ONLY 10 Travel Bags Available! Book a skin consult if you need advice on the best active ingredients for YOUR skin.
The best way to learn what procedures are right for you is to book a consultation with Dr. Steyn. You will receive a customized treatment plan outlining all your options and a timeline for implementing it.
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