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Fall 2017
How To Make Stress Your "Friend"
New Science Reverses Traditional Wisdom And How It Can Help Us All
We've all been under stress-way too much we might think.  And with the holidays fast approaching, sometimes stress can take over as our major emotion.  Do you find yourself thinking "It's all just too hectic!" Or "I'm stressed...I need a break!"?

But according to new scientific studies, we can welcome stress, yes, welcome stress, if we change the way we think about stress. Here's the surprise-our belief about stress is more important than we ever thought and can literally mean the difference between revitalization and connection, and premature death. Yes, how we think about stress can be either a connector and uplifter, or a huge negative that overwhelms us.

Be the reason someone finds hope today.

Hope looks different to each and every one of us-to you, to me, to your friends, to your colleagues. Whether a v eteran with PTSD, a senior feeling lonely, someone struggling with unemployment, or a family dealing with divorce, we each need different forms of hope and support to be our best selves.
Jefferson Center offers hope and support to individuals and families who are struggling with some of life's toughest challenges.
Your support makes that happen every day.
Give a gift. Warm a heart.
Schedule your gift now for Colorado Gives Day.

Employee Spotlight! Introducing...
Krista Lewis, Director of Development
What brought you here to Jefferson Center?
As a development professional, I place high priority on making a difference. I have had the privilege of working for many wonderful nonprofits in the Denver metro area over the last 20 years-all ranging in size and scope, from small, struggling nonprofits to well-established, community-defining entities. At each organization, the same rang true for me: it is so rewarding to see the impact of my efforts on those served by my nonprofit employer.
Well, four years ago, I had the opportunity to make a career move. I was attracted to Jefferson Center for its great reputation as a nonprofit and as a leader in its field for many decades. And, simply put, I was drawn to the importance of the work and the prospect of directly contributing to the health of my community.
I admit, I had to "learn the language" of this field, as it was completely new to me (my goodness, so many acronyms!)-but I found that refreshingly challenging. And as a fundraiser, you need to effectively and passionately communicate the mission and vision of your organization. What better vision to communicate than "a community where mental health matters and care is accessible to all?" 
What is the best thing about your job?
Knowing that I am helping to make a positive, lasting impact on the individuals we serve, and the community at-large. I am honored to represent Jefferson Center and be able to tell our story to prospective supporters, advocates, and community partners. I love establishing new partnerships and discovering innovative and creative ways to collaborate across agencies and fields.
What's the most unique aspect of what you do for the Center?
Schmoozing! (Yes, I am a "Woo.") Development work is based on relationships. I am always looking for new opportunities to connect and engage with our community-by networking with colleagues and partners (both within and outside the realm of healthcare); by promoting Jefferson Center to various community groups; and by catching the ear of key stakeholders in Jefferson County. I gain great satisfaction from aligning the philanthropic goals of individuals, corporations, and funders with our mission and vision, and finding different ways to cultivate and sustain those relationships.
What do you enjoy outside of work?
I try to spend as much time in nature as I possibly can-walking/hiking/contemplating. I also enjoy exploring new art, music, culture... and I am an unabashed, self-proclaimed Foodie. Restaurant week, anyone?

Did you know...
  • After 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure drop?
  • After 12 hours, the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal?
  • After two weeks- three months, your circulation improves and your lung function increases?
  • After one-nine months, coughing and shortness of breath decreases; cilia start to regain normal function in the lungs, increasing ability to clean the lungs and reduce the risk of infection?
Join us for the Great American Smoke Out!
Thursday, November 16, 2017; 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Multiple Jefferson Center locations
Whether you're looking to get information about quitting or wanting to find out ways to best support family members or friends on their journey, we've got you covered! Tables will be set up at many of our outpatient offices in Jefferson County including Independence, Union Square, West Colfax, Jeff Plaza, North Wadsworth, Jeffco Family Health Services, and Alameda with information about quitting, resources, trivia, prizes, food and the opportunity to meet our tobacco cessation coaches and sign up for tobacco cessation coaching. Stop by and tell us why you're ready to quit or why you're ready to help someone quit! 

Questions? Contact Shannon Gwash, Director of Wellness Programs at shannong@jcmh.org or 303-432-5659.

Hurry! Take a Mental Health First Aid Class
Time is running out to take a free Mental Health First Aid training made possible thanks to a generous grant which runs through mid-December from the Community First Foundation.

Mental Health First Aid helps you to recognize a mental health or substance use issue and offers the skills you need to step in and offer support. Whether you need this training for work, or you simply want to be informed and prepared, this 8-hour interactive course gives you the tools to start a conversation, give reassurance, and connect someone with professional help.

More than a million people have been trained nationwide, and several thousand of them are right here in Colorado. Part of that training has been delivered by Jefferson Center and part in conjunction with the MHFA Jeffco Collaborative-a group of more than a dozen organizations in Jefferson County committed to delivering Mental Health First Aid to as much of the County as possible.
People who've been through the training consistently say it's helped them understand and deal with people they see every day who are struggling with some difficult issues. They recommend it for everyone from businesses to civic groups, non-profits, and faith-based organizations, as well.

There are 16-classes scheduled during the coming months.   To get in on one of these opportunities, tuition-free for now, register online at https://www.jcmh.org/mhfa/.

Questions? Contact Canice Rupp, 303-432-5137 or Canicer@jcmh.org.
Need a Speaker for Your Next Event?
Need someone to speak to your group or business about anxiety, depression, stress, or other mental health issues? We've got just the ticket-our experts who make up the Speaker's Bureau at Jefferson Center for Mental Health.
We're delighted to share our resources and knowledge free of charge with businesses, civic clubs, schools, church groups, and other organizations in our area. We can present on a wide range of mental health topics by mental health therapists, executives and other experts in the field. For nearly a decade of offering the Speakers Bureau, Jefferson Center has been able to help organizations including the Lakewood Police Department, Golden Chamber of Commerce, the School of Mines and more learn more about mental health.
From Dealing with Depression and Managing Life's Stresses to Suicide Prevention and Understanding the Effects of Trauma, we have helped hundreds of community groups better understand mental health challenges and the stigmas that surround them.  It's our way of saying thanks to our neighbors of 60 years and contributing to healthier communities. 

For more information or to set up a speaker for your group, please call Kyrsten at 303-432-5157 or email KyrstenN@jcmh.org.
Parents Go Back to School Too at the Helping Kids Thrive Parenting Conference 
Nearly 300 parents, foster parents, grandparents and other caregivers, packed Creighton Middle School classrooms on a Thursday evening in October to grab tips and techniques for parenting in the modern world. The 27th annual Helping Kids Thrive parent conference is a popular annual event hosted Jefferson Center along with Jeffco Public Schools, Jeffco PTA, JCEA and caring community members. 

"We know parenting is a tough job and we want to help parents and caregivers feel confident and supported in parenting kids through various ages and developmental stages. We also hope to help parents maneuver current issues like marijuana, technology, anxiety and beyond." says Julie DiTullio, Marketing Coordinator for Jefferson Center for Mental Health.  "For the last 27 years, we've delivered hands-on, practical information to support parents in this ever-changing world, with the ultimate goal of helping kids thrive!"

Thanks to sponsors and hosting organizations, the event remains free to the community.  

Jefferson Center for Mental Health | 303-425-0300 | info@jcmh.org| www.jcmh.org