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As most home makeover shows will tell you, open plan is the "it" floor plan.  Whether you already have an open plan home or are ready to sledgehammer some walls, these types of rooms look best with  something to frame or divide designated areas. 

The five projects below are just a few examples of how our beams open up the possibilities for your own beautiful design.
From Here to There
Open floor plan with Custom Driftwood Beams
Kitchen with Custom Driftwood Beams

This home's remodel was a long time coming, but it was definitely worth the wait. We love in particular how homeowner Chinton used our beams throughout the space, from the vaulted ceilings of the living area to a support beam in the kitchen.

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Decorative trusses with Tuscany beams
Farmhouse Feel

I thought you might like to see the pictures of my house after the installation of the faux beams you designed for my living room, dining and kitchen areas. As you can see, the beams are FANTASTIC! The beams look as if they were put in when the house was built and they really warm up the rooms. With the tall ceilings I have, it felt a bit cavernous in my living room especially, but now it feels warm and truly gives that rustic farmhouse feel to the room that I wanted.

I can't say enough good things about how it looks now. Everyone who has come over to see them thinks they are real wood beams and ask me how much the "reclaimed lumber" cost. They are shocked when I tell them the beams are faux. Again, my thanks for your professionalism and quality design! - Kelly H

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It's All In the Details
Open plan living room with Custom Timber Beams
Custom Timber beam

Eric of New Oxford, PA, wanted to remodel his open-plan, kitchen and living area to reflect the historic feel of rural Adams County.

He replaced the carpet and linoleum floors with hardwood and installed a Franklin stove backed by a beautiful flagstone wall. To frame the space, he wanted beams that matched the new rustic aesthetic -- and Custom Timber was the perfect style choice.

What really brought it home was Eric's attention to detail in the installation, including creating alcoves for the beams to slot into - making them seem authentically structural.

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Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

Jennifer loved her kitchen/dining/living space, newly remodeled in predominately whites and creams. But the plain ceiling bothered her, it made the room a little too white.

After looking at other customers' photos on our website, she was inspired to break up the white expanse of her ceiling with Timber beams. Their Walnut finish nicely accented the floor and other wood elements in the room without losing the overall light and bright atmosphere she desired.

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Open living room_ kitchen with Custom Timber Beams
Marking the Divide
Living room before
Open living room_ kitchen with Rustic ceiling beam

David of Tennessee wanted to open up his ground floor by knocking out a non-load bearing wall that separated the kitchen from the living room. 

With the wall gone, David knew he needed a finishing detail to mark the divide between one room to the other. A single Rustic beam offered the perfect contrast against the wide white planks newly installed on the ceiling and walls.

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Open plan room with Custom Timber Beams
Video of the Month
How to Install Beams on a Ceiling | Working with Faux Wood
How to Install Faux Wood Beams on a Ceiling
Testimonial of the Month

What a transformation! My husband and I were looking for a rustic elegant look in our family room. Together, the two of us installed the Custom Beachwood beams on our high ceilings. We love the new look and have gotten many compliments. We're extremely pleased with the results and would recommend FauxWoodBeams to anyone looking for an elegant but economical way to update their home.
-- Cindy Johanson, Lone Tree, CO

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