Google reviews are the internet’s “word-of-mouth,” influencing potential customers before they even contact you.

We hate to say it, but the truth is...They can have a big impact on your business.

Ultimately, having both good and bad reviews on Google isn’t the end of the world. In fact, having a couple of mildly negative reviews mixed in with mostly positive reviews is a good thing—it shows that you are a real business and that you didn’t just beg your friends to say nice things about you:)

However, in the case of a truly nasty or possibly fake review, it’s worth it to take steps to dispute the review in an effort to have it removed by Google.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic “Delete Google Review" button. However, if you are the owner of the business, there are different ways you can go about getting the review removed.

How to sign in and respond to a Google review
  1. Sign into Google My Business (make sure you've verified the account).
  2. In the menu, select “Reviews.” Then click “Respond” next to the review you would like to address.
  3. Type your response and click “Submit.”

How to respond to a negative Google review
Here are 3 vital tips to keep in mind when responding to a negative review:
  • Respond kindly and be nice
  • Do not get defensive, and don’t make it personal
  • Keep the response brief and to the point

How to flag a review to Google
If you believe you have received a review that is fake, inappropriate, or promotes a competitor, you can flag it to be reviewed by Google. Only reviews that violate Google policy will be removed.

Follow these steps to flag a review:
  1. Log into Google My Business.
  2. Select the location (if you have multiple)
  3. In the menu, select “Reviews”
  4. Find the review in question. Click the three-dot menu, then select “Flag as inappropriate.”

It can take several days for Google to review your request and determine whether they will remove the review. If possible, ask other people to flag the review, as this might draw more attention to an offensive review and encourage Google to remove it.

If Google decides not to remove the review, remember that your response is visible and readers will know how you addressed the review.
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