November 2014

For our friends in North America, November came in with a bang of bitter cold and snow as the polar vortex paid a visit. We are told to expect more of the same all winter. Brrrr. Just as we believe that any innovation challenge can be solved with the right thinking, any weather condition can be fun with the right attire. So how does one attire their innovation effort to assure that it thrives?


If you're promoting creative thinking and innovation at your organization and you're asking for resources such as real budget and sustained strategic effort - you may be met with the bone chilling corporate vortex. It swirls around innovation with hypothermic mumblings such as:

  • What will be the immediate return on investment?
  • We'll think about long term in the spring... We need to make next quarter's #s!

And so on.  You get the point.  Brrrr!


These challenges are exactly why we developed the 
12 Strategies of Innovation Excellence. This month we focus on a leader "hot button" -  Key Measurements. Thaw the ice with the right metrics, and we're sure you'll see resources flow in the way you need them to.


In the meantime, button up your tenacity overcoat. Properly clothed, your innovation effort can go anywhere you want.   

New Series!
12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence
Deep Dive into Key Measurements
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"What gets measured gets managed."
-Peter Drucker


Innovation, across the entire value chain, both incremental and radical, is measured.

It's important for leaders to be aware that value can be derived from both incremental improvement, through things like quality and Lean Six Sigma, and also from breakthrough improvement - what is typically called "innovation."  After all, does it matter all that much today if you have the highest quality 8 Track tape?


Click here for a quick description of the four key innovation driving metrics.


Read in detail about Key Measurements to:

  • assess if your organization is investing an optimal amount of effort into this Strategy Area, if it has fallen off the radar screen, or if it has become a dangerous obsession
  • explore a real world example from a Fortune 500 Global Company
  • learn a success tip from Coca-Cola 

Watch this video to hear what Doug Bonthrone, Director of Global Services Strategy at Coca-Cola, has to say about how to measure innovation:  

Previous in the series:  Skill Development and Accountability and Recognition
New!  White Paper
12 Powerful Parenting Methods for Raising Creative, Resilient Children
As evidence that we believe creative thinking and innovation enhance every part of our lives: business - personal - community. This article is focused on parenting skills that will help us raise our children to become creatively competent and resilient adults.

Some of the methods developed and used successfully by the authors might surprise you...   


1. Never tell kids they are smart!  Click here to learn why and explore the other 11 methods.


We encourage you to share these strategies broadly - it just might change some lives for the better.  Go ahead - BE THE CHANGE.  Download an easy to share pdf.
From our YouTube Channel:
New ideas can be scary; they can be risky. GE's commercial does a great job of reminding us what can happen if a weird, ugly, or strange idea is nurtured.  
Ideas Are Scary - GE Commercial
Ideas Are Scary - GE Commercial
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Innovation Quotable

One very important aspect of motivation is the willingness to stop and to look at things that no one else has bothered to look at.  This simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity.

Edward de Bono

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Correction:  Last month we mistakenly attributed the quote below to Albert Einstein.  We found that it was Peter Skillman of IDEO speaking in an ABC Nightline special. Watch as IDEO redesigns the shopping cart. 

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