The How to Pitch a Donor Recognition Campaign Edition
How to Pitch a Donor Recognition Program to Non-Profit Clients
Your non-profits clients are forever trying to raise money. It's exactly why they exist. It can be difficult to work with clients that have such tight budgets, but don't count them out. Shift your thinking about what they need and offer them something with built-in fundraising value. Here are some tips on how to present the concept of a Donor Recognition Program.

Photo: VIP Recognition Blazer. Left: style #1000 in red with custom logo patch.
  • Consider Each Non-Profit Group Individually
Non-profit organizations come in all shapes and sizes. Consider the organization's supporters. Would they be more motivated to donate for a large project or for a personal gift in exchange? Religious organizations, hospitals, arts and culture venues, sporting groups, etc... these groups attract very different types of supporters and will require thoughtful solutions. Know your client and understand what motivates their donors.  
  • Present the Concept 
Once you've identified the donor personality types, identify some products or services in various price points that each type would respond to. Assign a donation value to each. Flesh out the campaign for your potential client. Remember, this is just an outline to get their wheels turning. Once they get the concept they will add ideas to your suggestions.  Most people will donate if the price is right so have ideas at all levels. Find small, medium and large ticket items and think of at least one project. Once they start thinking... Do the math with them. Show the actual value in dollars and cents with a quick analysis on what each item can potentially earn for them. 
  • Be the One-Stop-Shopping Source
You are a promotional products professional. You can get anything! If you need a BIG solution like a Tree of Life Sculpture * for a major hospital so each donor can buy a personalized leaf or a custom blazer for a season ticket holder so he can look awesome... you know you can find it. Think big and who knows, maybe they'll go for the whole concept! Good luck.

*Don't worry.  I know a guy.

Branded Blazers for VIP Recognition
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