After visiting the dentist you may receive an explanation of benefits, otherwise known as an EOB. But what exactly is an EOB and how do you read it?

An EOB is not a bill. It’s an explanation of the treatments you received, what portion is covered by your plan, and what portion you may owe. A typical EOB from Delta Dental provides the following information:

  • Your claim number (which comes in handy if you need to check a claim status)
  • Procedure code and description
  • The amount your dentist charged for each treatment
  • The amount that was approved by your plan
  • The amount you may pay towards your deductible
  • The percentage your plan will cover
  • The amount you may owe the dentist
  • The amount your Delta Dental plan paid

If you didn’t receive an EOB, don’t worry. Some visits don’t require an EOB and many plans offer paperless benefit statements. You can view your electronic EOBs by signing into to the member portal.

To learn more about reading your EOB, watch this YouTube video for helpful tips.
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