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September 2018
Improving Opioid Safety and Quality Measures in Nursing Homes to Enhance Residents’ Quality of Life
Opioids can cause a number of negative effects, particularly in older adults who are more susceptible to adverse effects of pain medication. Opioids can contribute to the worsening of nursing homes’ quality measures, including, but not limited to, bladder and bowel incontinence, falls and decreased ability to perform activities of daily living, leading to a decline in the resident’s quality of life.

In 2016, atom Alliance launched a targeted pilot project in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky to help nursing homes tailor pain treatment to each resident’s needs, and in turn, improve incontinence among the residents. By the end of the project, the six participating homes surpassed their goals with a 12 percent decrease in the number of residents on opioids, an increase of 27 percent in the number of specific opioid indications from the prescriber, and almost a 3.5 percent decrease in residents with incontinence.
Featured Resource
Field Guide to Antibiotic Stewardship
in Outpatient Settings
This guide provides a collection of concrete implementation strategies, suggestions, and tools designed, tested, and applied by QIN-QIOs working with a variety of outpatient settings to implement the Core Elements.
How a Nurse Uses His Own Story to Inspire Others to Care for their Hearts
John Knowles is passionate about helping people acquire the information, skills and confidence they need to manage their health and healthcare. As a Health Information Technology Specialist for atom Alliance in Indiana, he shares his personal story of overcoming heart disease to raise awareness about the  Cardiac ABCS  and deliver useful resources to patients and families.

Lost In His Skin: A Recovery Story

A personal story of addiction and recovery for National Recovery Month is shared by atom Alliance Marketing Specialist Lynn Maples.

"When our 16 year-old nephew arrived in our home last year, we had no idea he was haunted by several addictions. After all, we hadn’t seen him since he was a young boy. He’d been in and out of foster care for the last four years exposed to situations and substances that are not common in our household."
What You Need to Know About Recently Updated Immunization Recommendations
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated their recommendations regarding the use of seasonal influenza vaccines. They also provided recommendations and guidance for vaccine providers regarding the use of influenza vaccines for the 2018–19 season.

atom Alliance Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Amanda Ryan points out the highlights from the recommendations.

Featured On-Demand Learning Opportunity
Innovative Outreach to Encourage
Adult Immunizations
To encourage adult vaccination, this on-demand education features facilities in the states of Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky and Mississippi that have successful adult immunization events in their communities.
Featured Learning Opportunity
Diabetes Self-Management Education Webinar Series
Get your AADE accreditation or ADA recognition for diabetes self-management education and support services. Learn about the new standards and submission requirements. Join to hear each of the latest standards from AADE’s accreditation director and ADA’s recognition director and to get your questions answered. CE credits will be offered for this public webinar.

Part 1 - Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 3-4:30 PM ET | The Basic Business Strategies for Building a Successful DSMT Program  (Speaker: Mary Ann Hodorowicz)
Part 2 - Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018 3-4:30 PM ET | The Basics for Achieving Medicare Reimbursement for DSMT  (Speaker: Mary Ann Hodorowicz)
Part 3 - Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018 3-4:30 PM ET | The Basics of Implementing a Successful Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plan for a DSMT Program  (Speaker: Mary Ann Hodorowicz)
Upcoming Events
Sept. 13
Virtual Workshop 3 for Early Recognition and Management of Sepsis for Long-Term Care
Join Sepsis expert Angela Craig for a live virtual workshop to address your questions after you’ve watched each on-demand session at your convenience. Angela will answer questions, clarify key takeaways from the sessions and direct you to more resources for your sepsis program..
Sept. 20
Leveraging your QRUR: Improve your MIPS Quality and Cost Performance
This webinar will provide a thorough examination of the cost information included in the 2017 feedback reports and the previous QRURs, with practical steps that can be used to improve MIPS scores and lead to recognition as a “high quality/low cost” clinician.
Sept. 20
Finding Joy in Practice: Life and Work Balance
Speakers Dr. Sarah Propst and Dr. Febe Wallace from Cherokee Health System will share information, experiences and training options that can assist you, staff and organization in finding the joy in providing care and decrease the burden in doing so.
View our  upcoming atom webinars  page and our  calendar  page for more details.
Featured On-Demand Learning Opportunity
Standing Orders for Immunizations Webinar Series
Standing orders protocols (SOPs) are known to improve immunization coverage rates, but are underutilized by providers serving adult patients. This  six-part on-demand webinar series  will help healthcare settings implement SOPs for adult immunizations. Registration is free, but is required in order to view any session.
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