March 2020
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How to Reduce Your Tax Bill
by Saving for Retirement

Are you looking forward to a tax refund this year? While it's always nice to get money back, and even nicer if your refund is large enough to fund a vacation, a big-ticket item, or your savings, if you receive a large refund check this spring, it means you've likely overpaid on taxes throughout the year. 

Regardless of whether you see your tax refund as an advantage or disadvantage, there are multiple ways to qualify for valuable tax deductions and credits all while saving for retirement. 

Click here for a list of ways you can simultaneously maximize your retirement savings and reduce your tax bill.

Please call our office at (518) 584-2555 if you'd like to discuss any of these methods and/or adjust the tax withholding on your accounts!
Did You Know?
How will Americans spend their tax refunds?

According to the National Retail Federation, those surveyed included the following in planned usage of their returns:

- 50% - Savings
- 34% - Pay down debt
- 22% - Everyday expenses
- 12% - Vacation
- 10% - Home improvement
- 9% - Major purchase
- 9% - "Splurge" purchases

Source:, 2019
What's Your Life Expectancy?
Do you have any guess as to how long you'll live? A recent survey conducted by the Society of Actuaries found that about half of consumers incorrectly estimate their life expectancy by five or more years - with 23% overestimating, and 28% underestimating. It's important to understand your life expectancy in order to make more informed decisions and better plan for retirement. 

Click here  for the Social Security Administration's  Life Expectancy Calculator.
SFS 9th Annual Shred Event
Our 9th Annual Shred Event will be held on Saturday, May 2nd from 9-11am! We will be located in the parking lot adjacent to our building at 18 Division Street in Saratoga Springs.

For further details, be sure to check out our upcoming newsletters or follow the event on Facebook by clicking here!
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Planning Tip
Reevaluate your life insurance policies.

It's not uncommon for individuals to purchase a life insurance policy and spend years paying premiums without ever revisiting and reevaluating the need for it throughout life's changes. The pros and cons of life insurance vary greatly depending on age, health and responsibilities. It's important to complete a thorough evaluation of your policy and make the necessary changes to fully benefit. 

Before you decide to keep, cancel or adjust your life insurance policy, please give us a call at (518) 584-2555 so we can help discuss the best option.
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