October 2020

 "What you have in your home creates your story. 
I want you to surround yourself with what you love-
to be able to express yourself and live in comfort."
- Julie Ann

This has been a challenging year to say the least. But I lean toward the positive, and one good thing that came out of the pandemic is that I changed locations of my business. I loved my office in the Hirshfield’s building in Minneapolis. But it was too much space for the way I work now. Like many people, I am conducting more virtual meetings and I don’t have as many in-person staff members. Intuitively, it felt right to move my business into my home.

How did I do it?

  • I decluttered! Letting go of things you do not need creates more clarity. I knew people who needed some of my items, and donated the rest. Then I recycled by shredding old files and pitched old items.
  • I took careful inventory of what I kept and made a digital resource list to keep track of vendor information. I had many physical catalogs that were taking up too much space. Now I have a list on the desktop of my computer to keep track of the many partners I have. Organization is key to moving.
  • I got creative and remodeled two areas of my home - the windowless lower level and the garage. See what I mean by creative?! I wrote all about the remodel in my latest blog post. You won't want to miss how I used the principles of Feng Shui to make these spaces work. I feel more grounded and focused. You really can change your space to change your life!

I want to hear from you – what is one GOOD thing you experienced during the pandemic?

Besides moving locations, I am still working on design projects, both virtually and in-person (safely, of course). People are loving The Inside Story: One Room Virtual Interior Design Video. One of my clients said that it got her husband on board to redesign a room after hearing from a pro! And it's only $90. What an affordable way to bring more peace into one of your rooms, from a distance (like that new home office, perhaps?). And if you are looking for something more in-depth, I also offer Interior Design and Feng Shui In-Home and Virtual Consultations. And I would love if you would check out my new YouTube channel! I'm still working on adding more content, but please Subscribe and be the first to know when I have uploaded new videos on home design, how-tos, DIY help, and much more.

Eden Prairie Lifestyle magazine just published a new article I wrote on Feng Shui design - please give it a read for some great design tips!

I am ready to partner with you to find the perfect design solutions for your space. I recently became Green AP certified and focus on wellness design, which incorporates Feng Shui principles for optimal health and healing. There are so many benefits to working with a pro - read my article on the best way to work with an interior designer. I promise that working with me will save you time and money. Contact me for a design consultation.

Warmest Regards,
Julie Ann

PS - I am currently creating a virtual Vision Board class - would you be interested in an online class like this? Let me know!
Your life has changed. Home has become work, play, and even school. And it feels chaotic, right? Metro Interiors can help you turn chaos into serenity. Whether you need help creating a private office space or brightening up your living room, Julie Ann will use her 33 years of "Fun" Shui Interior Design experience to help you quickly create a room you want to be in.
How to Reimagine Your Working Life with an Innovative and Serene Home Office
Do you ever find yourself longing for change? This pandemic nudged me into action, to do something I intuitively knew I needed to do: move my business office into my home. For most of 2020 many of us have found ourselves working from home more, meeting over Zoom, and gathering in person less often. I loved my space in the Hirshfield's building in Minneapolis, a place where I designed my heart out for many years, but it didn't make sense anymore. There was just too much space.

At home, I got creative. Having recently moved out to the suburbs, I was ready to switch to working out of my home permanently. I love my new home and the peace it brings me to be out of the city. There are two areas I decided to convert into a workspace: my windowless lower level and my garage. The garage has become my create space, where I keep my samples and other resources for designing. And I can still fit my car in there! The lower level has become my administrative space. These areas may sound like strange spaces to work from, so let me walk you through how I transformed them into a work-from-home haven. I hope it inspires you to rethink your workspace!
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