Friday, April 3, 2020
TGP Family Connection

How to relax??

You likely have made it through 2, maybe 3 weeks of quarantine. Helping kids learn virtually, homeschooling, lots of hands on work for sure and maybe trying to do your own work.

We encourage you to maintain solid routines & structure through the weekend yet making sure that YOU get some downtime!

Weather predictions for today & tomorrow are good but April Showers are returning Sunday for the week. Try to get outside for a walk. We have another meditation for you – try practicing it each day over the weekend so that you may start Monday off feeling a bit more refreshed. Meditations included are appropriate for all family members.

Pull out the Legos!

Check out Pinterest for lots of Lego ideas and printable activity sheets.

Have them ready and a bin for easy pick up. These will be great to have on hand when the April Showers begin!

Netflix Party (NP)  went viral recently since it allows friends to watch movies together from a distance. With COVID-19, Google provides NP without a fee! Not a Netflix Member – you can currently sign up for a FREE 30 Day Trial period.


With music venues across the world shut down, a number of artists & musical institutions are taking their shows online to share their musical joy.

There are a variety of sites including Live Nation and CNet. Billboard appears to have a comprehensive calendar of all genres. You’ll find the live streams, content & more connected to many artists performing on Facebook, You Tube, Instagram. #togetherapart 

Add to your grocery list: broth, salsa, black beans for next week’s easy cooking lesson with Beth! Souper easy Black Bean Salsa Soup recipe for kids to make!
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