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Hi There! 


Not that you would want to, but what's the fastest way to put a photographer out of business?  


Scroll down to read about what some clients are asking photographers to give up these days. 


And don't forget to go down past the end of the article to see:


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Deborah Brown, CPA (Chief Portfolio Assembler)                            


How to Put a Photographer Out of Business


Over the past few years, many of you have become much savvier about a lot of "things photographic." Like how an outdoor shoot always needs an indoor plan B just in case, the fallacy of a half-day shoot, the relationship between usage rights and photographers' fees, the importance of photographer's input from the beginning of the shoot process, etc., etc. Bravo to all of you!


But there's one thing that is inching its way into the photo shoot process these days. And it's perhaps the most devastating thing that can happen to a photographer. In fact, it will put him/her out of business quicker than you can say, "When am I going to get the images?"


Is it using stock photos instead of assigning the job? No, because photographers often will have a stock photo that you can use--you just have to ask.


Is it lowering the day rate? No, although that may also kill a career, it takes a while, and therefore gives the photographer time to "adjust."


How about cancelling shoots at the last minute? No, because everyone knows by now that cancellation fees kick in, especially if the photographer can't schedule another job in place of the cancelled one.


All of those things are bad for a photographer's career, but the one thing that will really decimate it is this: restricting the photographer from using the images for self-promotion; that is, no portfolio use, no website use, no email marketing use. Nothing, nada, zilch.


Think about how you chose the photographer for your last project. What was the first thing you did? I bet you asked for the portfolio, right?


Well, now think about how you would respond if your conversation with a photographer went something like this:


You: Hi, I'm client wonderful, and I have an interesting project that I'm considering you for. It's a 10-day shoot and will require international travel. The job is photographing the top executives of all our offices around the world in the local environment. If you can put together a portfolio of your work showing your ability to shoot environmental portraits, that would be great.


Photographer: I'm sorry but I don't have a portfolio of assigned work. But I can send you some great shots of my new puppy.


You: Uhhhhhh, okay. Let me get back to you on that.


And, just like that, the photographer is out of work. For good.


Photographers understand that it's not your intention to put them out of business. And they will certainly charge you a hefty fee for keeping your images out of their promotions, but portfolios have a way of stagnating if fresh work isn't added regularly. And stagnation is a big no-no in our industry.


To be fair, we here at DB&A have worked out a couple of ways to get around the restrictions so it's not all or nothing. For instance:


A. The photographer can self-promote, but must get written approval from the client before showing any images.


B. The photographer can show the images in a portfolio but not on his website or in any marketing materials.


These ideas work to some extent--certainly better than a total restriction. But they clearly aren't perfect.  


And, just to add some confusion to all of this, there's the flip side of this issue. I'm talking about those clients who like to hire a photographer with 50,000 followers (or more) on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. They actually encourage the photographer to use the photos for self-promotion. They know that the images of their product will be up on the photographer's social media in no time flat and presto! Free advertising for the client to those 50,000+ people.


Sigh...it's a world of contradictions out there these days. Just remember that professional photographers aren't out to smear, embarrass or poke fun at their clients. We're all in this together and all on the side of creating amazing, intelligent and useful photography.


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Since we're talking about self-promotion restrictions in this month's newsletter, the box above is what it would look like if all clients started restricting photographers from using any of the photos for self-promotion. Kind of tough to choose a photographer whose portfolio looks like a blank screen, don't you think?



coolshotsvideo title
Neal Wilson


Neal Wilson was able this year to photograph what has now become a 33-year ritual in St-Tropez: Les Voiles de St-Tropez. For those of us who don't sail, travel to France regularly, nor read French, this is a sailing race that has brought 300+ yachts together every year for the last 33. An added plus was that this year is the 80th birthday of St-Tropez's favorite daughter, Brigitte Bardot! Have a look here to see and read more about this exciting event. 


stockvideo title
Bill Gallery


Have you ever had a hard time finding an interesting, unique stock photograph of an office situation? New England-based photographer Bill Gallery has a collection of candid office shots which are always so beautifully composed. Whether you need that or industrial, bio-tech, medical, or travel images, have a look here to see all of Bill's unique stock photography.




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Rosanne Olson has an idea for the perfect gift for someone who has everything: a boxed set of notecards with her beautiful photography. The images, shown above, are: Floral, Rapture and Old World. The 5x7 cards are blank inside. There are 10 cards per box (with envelopes) for $30 (plus tax for people in Washington). If she ships them to you, she adds on the cost of that. Please contact her at rosanne@rosanneolson.com as soon as possible. She can take payment by credit card or Pay Pal. 


Resource Magazine puts out a weekly newsletter that covers photography from a number of different angles. Feature stories, equipment reviews and information, photographers, lots of up-to-the-minute news. Click here to have a look at the most recent newsletter.


In case you haven't visited my website in a while, there are quite a few new images posted. All of which are approved by the respective clients! Have a look here.







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