Searching For CBAcmas
on Our Updated Search and Listings Platform
One of the many benefits available to you as a CBA member is access to our comparative market analysis reports (CBAcma).

CBAcma is a comprehensive, accurate, reliable, locally researched database that provides detailed information on all recorded commercial sales of $250,000+ in the Puget Sound Region and Spokane. The database includes all industrial, office, retail, and land properties sales recorded in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties since January 2001, and later sales for Kitsap, Spokane, and Thurston Counties.

To search and access CBAcmas on our updated search platform:

First, log in to CBA’s website:
Then, click on “Search Commercial Listings”
To search CBAcma/Researched Sales, you must select two fields:

1) In the “Type” drop-down, select “Sold”
2) In the “Price/Size” drop-down, select “Only confirmed prices”
Your search will now only pull results from the CBAcma database. You may also use any of the other fields to narrow your search to get more specific results.

Pro Tip: If you want to find data and generate reports that are more tailored to closed transaction information, these are popular options:
Sale Comp Detail
Peer Chart Comparison
4-Up Comparison
CBAcma FAQ’s
Do you only research sales that are listed on CBA? 
No, our team researches all commercial sales $250,000 and up in King, Snohomish, Pierce, Spokane, Kitsap, and Thurston Counties. Other counties may be added for research in the future. 
Does CBA have lease comparables? 
Not formally, but members do have the ability to search for “leased” listings and can look at listed lease rates. We continue to evaluate the possibility of implementing lease comparables for our members based on the availability of our resources to provide accurate and useful data. 
Can I include active listings in my CBAcma? 
Yes. However, because Active and Sold listings have different applicable fields, i.e., active listings can’t be searched by “Sold Date,” it’s best practice to run separate searches and save your chosen listings using the List Tool.
To do this:
1) Run a search for CBAcma, select the listings you wish to add to a list, and select “Save to List,” which is found directly under the search filters.
2) Click on “Create new list,” provide a list name, and click “save.”
3) Now, run a new search with For Sale (active) listings, select the listings you wish to add to your CBAcma, click on “Save to List,” and save your listings to the list name you previously created. All your listings are now saved into one place that will allow you to view or create reports with them all together.  
Once you have saved the list, you can view both your CBAcma and active listings at any time by clicking “List” in the top blue banner of the screen. Select the new list you created to review and manage your list.  
CBAcma Search Video Tutorial
We're Here For You
As always, our priority is providing impeccable customer service to our members. If you have any questions about CBAcma, please contact us at (425) 820-3348 or email us at [email protected].

Best Regards,

The CBA Team