The Uniform-Free Blazer Programs Edition
Sell Blazer Programs to Uniform-Free Schools 

Turn a Skeptic into a Buyer with a Creative Blazer Program
The British love their blazers. School uniforms, boat clubs, royalty, rock stars! All of England loves a stylish blazer with an elaborately embroidered crest. Blazer wearing is a strong tradition whether worn by a wealthy businessman as a serious status symbol, a student as a school uniform or by a rock star as a sardonic symbol to ridicule royalty. (Or just to look awesome!) 

Here in the US many of our educational institutes have embraced the beloved crested blazer as part of their uniform while others have not. A  hungry distributor  can find a sales opportunity in her non-uniformed school accounts. But how do you upsell a blazer program to a Principal who is only in the market for  branded  pens or notebooks for their school?

BMEN Custom Blazers
The University of Alabama's Green Blazer Honorees from the BMEN, a campus peer-mentoring group.

Think Outside the Uniform

If your client is used to only buying small ticket items from you, it may be difficult to get them to wrap their brain around uniform sales. You will have to inspire them and you'll have to scratch the word uniform from your vocabulary when you introduce this idea. The blazers you introduce for an awards program will not be for all students. Only a select few students who have achieved something special will earn them. As always, your job as a distributor is to present a great idea that has obvious value and hope it peaks their interest enough to invest in it! 

Obakeng Pule _9_ grade 4 learner at Iphahamiseng Primary School in Duduza proudly wears the honours blazer he was awarded for being the top learner at the school in the first term.
Award Blazers to Students who Achieve

However the school decides to design their awards program is strictly up to them. In my research I found articles about schools that have awarded special blazers for different achievements to their students. In the picture on the left Obakeng Pule, a 4th grader in Duduza, South Africa proudly wears the honors blazer he was awarded for being the top learner at his school in the first term. He is a math and science genius according to his teachers! Click on his photo to read more about him.

Students Are Honored for Excellence  
  • Academic Excellence
  • Achievement
  • Appreciation
  • Athleticism
  • Character
  • Commendation
  • Debate
  • Distinction
  • Excellence
  • Honors
  • Leadership
  • Outstanding Contribution
  • Prestige
  • Recognition 

The Marist Brothers Lindmeyer School pictured above awards different blazers for different levels of achievement. Academic and Athletic awards are quite prevalent but awards for humanitarian efforts like volunteering and fundraising are quickly gaining popularity. Colleges tend to look at these types of activities when reviewing entry applications. Schools hold awards ceremonies to present new blazers to honorees with lots of fanfare. A well designed awards event provides multiple benefits to the school as well as the students. 
  • Student morale gets a huge boost when a student is rewarded with a gift of status in front their cheering classmates while they share in their pride and happiness. 
  • Students can relate to the winners and imagine themselves receiving the blazer and some will be truly energized and motivated to win the blazer next time. 
  • Assemblies that include former winners in their blazers to bestow the honor on the new inductees ultimately create the buzz for the monthly event. 
  • Photo ops and press releases of the event can bring great publicity to the school and attract new students. Pushing out video on school channels with fun hashtags can create an authentic marketing campaign. Kids are naturals at this!
  • Evening events that include the families can create an even bigger buzz. 
Earning a Recognition Blazer is a source of great pride. A sharp looking crested blazer is a keepsake of a memory that  will last a lifetime. For some students it can change the course of their life. 

If you are already selling uniforms to a school don't be afraid to offer creative Blazer Awards Programs. Propose a few interesting variations on their existing blazer to be awarded for different levels of achievement. Switch up colors, patterns and trims within the same color palette and present the idea with dynamic visuals and swatches... all branded with their logo of course! 
Lisa Denham
Marketing Director, Executive Apparel
I am forever seeking ways to help our distribution team grow stronger and more successful. I welcome your feedback, success stories and cautionary tales. 

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